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sell your home improve street appeal

How To Improve Street Appeal In 4 Easy Steps

Improving the street appeal of your home doesn’t have to cost an arm & a leg. There are a few key things you can do to really jazz up the external appearance of your property. Calibre Sales Agent, Kelly Hardie, …
plants for your balcony
plants for your balcony plants
plants for your balcony

The Top Ten Balcony Plants That Look Awesome

Plants for small spaces, such as balconies, bring life and colour to a sometimes dull area. It’s important though to ensure you choose the correct plants for your balcony. Husband and wife team from The Small Garden, Tom & Carolynn …
low maintenance indoor plants
low maintenance indoor plants
low maintenance indoor plants
low maintenance indoor plants

10 best indoor plants for the Brisbane climate

Indoor plants are a great way to add ambiance to your home or office while offering air purifying benefits, everybody wins. Many interior designers consider it to be the secret ingredient that has the ability to add that little something …


Greenhouse gardening is the next level of horticulture but many doubt to build their own due to the cost. So here are some upcycling ideas, to inspire your very own greenhouse, on a smaller scale. Old Windows You can make a …

Enhance Your Yard With The Right Garden Furniture & Accessories

With the dark gloom of winter slowly fading, homeowners around Australia have begun visualizing those longer and warmer nights out in the garden. Nothing beats a cheeky red while soaking up the remaining rays of the day amongst Mother Nature. …

Small Garden Design

In the heart of Brisbane lies a magical garden filled with luscious plants and stunning features. Many would believe that designing a small garden is a simple affair. In reality, the smaller the space the more …
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