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How To Find Your Ideal Investment Property

Finding a great investment property requires discipline and due diligence around the organisation of your finances. You have to be on top of your mortgage and tax obligations, as well …
maximise the return
maximise the return
maximise the return

How To Maximise The Return On Your Investment Property

The key to a successful investment is to ensure that you maximise the return on your property wherever possible. By doing so, you …
rental return
rental return
rental return

How To Ensure Rental Return Makes Your Investment More Fruitful

It’s safe to say that the success of your property investment will rely heavily on two major factors; capital growth and rental return. A consistent & reliable rental return will …
Property Investor buying your first home
property investor
claiming tax depreciation

5 Things You Need To Know About Claiming Tax Depreciation on Your Property

What is tax depreciation and how can you claim it on your investment property? Well, firstly we need to fully understand what depreciation actually is in order to know what we can claim. Our friends at BMT Tax Depreciation have …

Hotspot in Windsor

              Mint Residences is the lifestyle hotspot in Windsor: a zesty combination of location, lifestyle, quality and value. Just 32 apartments in a contemporary boutique development, Mint Residences has a fresh take on …

Selling Your Investment

  There is a very different approach when it comes to selling a tenanted investment property. Selling a tenanted property can be complicated if the tenants do not support the sale. It …
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