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why can't i sell my house
why your property hasn't sold
why your property hasn't sold

Why can’t I sell my house? Insider Advice to get it sold.

Putting your property on the market is a big deal, deciding to sell certainly isn’t a decision we make light-heartedly. But throughout the entire emotional roller coaster ride you’ve endured over the last few weeks, have you stopped to consider one …
cleaning tips
cleaning tips

10 Cleaning Tips to Clean Your House And Get It Sold

Preparing to place your property on the market can seem like a big task. There are, however, some simple things you can do that really will pay dividends and help you achieve the best possible price for you property. “When selling …
best property manager
How to choose the right property manager for your property.
Best Property Manager How to choose the right property manager for your property. Property Investor

How To Choose The Best Property Management Agency Just For You

In order to maximise the return on your investment property, it’s imperative that your property is being well managed by the best property management agency in your area.  Choosing the wrong agency to manage your investment property could end in …

9 Things You Need to Know When Buying a House

Congratulations on taking the steps towards purchasing real estate! Buying a house is one of the biggest financial decisions we will ever make in our lives so you’d be forgiven if you were feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole …

Vendor Paid Advertising: How Much Should I Spend?

There’s a bare minimum that all vendors need to spend in order to maximise the sale price of their home.   Ultimately, it’s about attracting the highest number of ‘qualified’ …