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Household Repairs in Rental Properties : Who Pays For What?

As a tenant, you are in charge of maintaining and keeping the property in a good condition. And as a property owner, you are in charge of the ensuring that your tenants are living in a safe and good condition. So …
terminate a tenancy agreement
terminate a tenancy agreement
terminate a tenancy agreement

How To Terminate A Tenancy Agreement

There are a multitude of reasons whereby a tenant or a landlord might need to terminate a tenancy agreement. In Queensland in particular, the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act (RTRA Act) have ensured there are fair and reasonable …
Tenant Target Market
Tenant Target Market first home

How To Make Your Property Appeal To Your Tenant Target Market

Understanding who your tenant target market is for your investment property is vital. If you can identify who the most likely person is to want to reside in your property then you can ensure your property’s key features fit within …