The Courier Mail Home Show Brisbane 2015 – my favourite finds


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So, last week’s UA News was sent to you from here … Olio Cafe in the bottom of the Brisbane Convention Centre.  DC8 Studio, the architectural practice I used to co-own, actually did the branding, logo and fitout design for this cafe, so it was great to enjoy the space.  And I’m a sucker for free wifi in locations I can drink coffee and eat!  And, now I know there’s free power too … A regular sat down near me and plugged in his laptop – I thanked him for pointing it out for my future use .

I was grateful to have scored a free ticket to The Courier Mail Home Show (which I then stupidly left at home, so I had to order one online en route).  Fortunately, admission is only $16, so it’s a great way to be exposed to lots of building advice and products all in one spot, if you’re building or renovating, or in the industry.

These events can be big and overwhelming, much like the spaces they occupy.  So I walked in, headed to the right, and zig-zagged my way through all the aisles to make sure I didn’t miss anything.  I photographed the products and materials that really captured my attention, and took time to have a chat to learn more about them.

This is my selection of my Home Show finds …


NULOOK FLOORS – Decorative Epoxy Flooring [click here for website]

Nulook is a Gold Coast based business, specialising in epoxy floor finishes.  Their system uses ceramic paint flakes imported from the USA, which are scattered over a new or existing concrete slab, and then finished with a clear coat.  The result is a super-durable floor finish that is used in both residential and commercial projects, from automotive workshops getting lots of traffic, through to the finished floors in high-end homes.

The process is this … they grind back the surface of your slab, and put down a self-levelling epoxy substrate, which etches itself into the slab to find the finish.  The paint flakes which come in a range of standard colour mixes, and can be edited to a certain extent, are scattered over the floor.  Once the epoxy is cured, a gloss clear coat is applied over the top – however they can do a matt finish also (which would be my preference – I found the gloss looked a little plastic-y).

The finish will satisfy slip-resistance ratings for bathrooms and is a good option for those hard-wearing areas of your home.  The price is around $50 – 55 / sqm for supply and install, and takes around 3 days to complete.


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