The Next Big Trends in Interior Decor

We can expect to see an influx of “bringing the outdoors in”, expect more interior spaces filled with greenery and plants, an eclectic mix of new and vintage furnishings and accents, with treasured personal pieces. To balance the technology that surrounds us for work and play we can expect to see natural materials in homes to balance and offset. Think neutrals with colour accents, particularly pastels.

The next six upcoming trends for 2016/17 are:

Down to Earth

Nordic influences, clear light, space, simplicity and well designed furnishings.

Textural warmth through timber, paper, fur, hides and cork
Industrial aesthetic, concrete, clay, copper, glass and steel
Natural and aged finishes, irregularity, imperfections, aged appearances and marbling.

COLORS TO WATCH FOR: Gray, beige, off-white, white, yellow, walnut, and brown (including gold, copper, white, and off-white).

Metallic Tactility

For a more contemporary trend, soft atmospheres without being too sweet or romantic. Tactility is the most important feature of this trend, knitted and crocheted throws . Modern materials and furniture with mirrored, transparent and iridescent effects will balance the tactile soft furnishings. The ever-popular copper and amber won’t be going anywhere soon either.

COLORS TO WATCH FOR: Skin, yellow, blue, lavender, rose, yellow-green, turquoise, and green (including pastel yellow, peach, shrimp, pink, lilac, acid yellow, and mint).


Highlighting with Colour

Bright colours will feature in smaller quantities, used to highlight and accessorise through a coloured chair or sofa, with softer and subtler colours for the rest. Art is always an important source of inspiration for a room, whether it’s prop art, optical illusions and more abstract splashes of colour. Colourful textiles or wallpaper will always play a large role in this bolder trend.

Metal wire furniture, ceramics, and glass will continue their popularity, but the newness comes in cool, transparent materials such as glass or warm, textured materials such as a felt and solid wool.

COLORS TO WATCH FOR: Black and white, pastels, neutrals, and brights (including yellow, orange, pink, red, green, cobalt blue, peacock, and purple).


Bohemian Moments

Boho is becoming more and more popular. Influenced by strong regional looks from North Africa, Morocco, Turkey, the Middle East, India, South America, China and Japan. Craftsmanship and artisan being the most important feature with handmade aspects, naturally-dyed one of a kind-products with imperfections and impurities.

Look for inlaid mother-of-pearl products, hand-knotted carpets, hand weaves, and basket work. Our favorite denim dye, indigo, will be a very important color for this theme.

COLORS TO WATCH FOR: Brick, orange, amber, mustard, indigo, light aubergine, deep red, and brown (including neutral colors such as off-white and beige).


Aquatic Colors and Botanical Elements

We’ll see a deluge of colour palettes and furniture designs that draw on water bodies (lakes, lagoons, oceans). Fauna objects, creatures from the sea, shells, coral, and fish will also be a huge source of inspiration for design.

COLORS TO WATCH FOR: Blue-green, lime, green, lagoon green, jade, khaki green, citrus green, and dark olive (including pink, yellow, orange, red, green, and cobalt).

Historic Luxe

Opulence and luxury interiors, will be a combinations of rich materials such as velvets, satins, silks, felt, concrete and flannel. This style draws on cultural heritage, drawing on historic influences and oil paintings from the 17th century. Portraits and still lifes will feature not just on wall coverings but trinkets such as trays and paperweights. Metallic gold and copper will be featured with rich accent colours such as magenta, purple and deep red.

COLORS TO WATCH FOR: Copper, red, purple, peacock, navy, magenta, anthracite gray, and black. The black-and-white combination will remain popular, but expect some optical illusions to enter the mix.

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