Update of a Historical Home


Set within a harbor front property in New South Wales, Australia lies today’s share and the latest project to roll out of hess|hoen studios. Touted as specialists in the area of adaptive reuse, the Hess, Hoen duo found themselves uniquely suited to the tasks at hand – specifically, infusing the waterfront property with contemporary updates, all while maintaining its inherent historical details.












A little about the firm – Founded by Brian Hess and Paul Hoen, hess|hoen is a bi-continental architectural studio with offices in Sydney, Australia and Oslo, Norway.  The design duo specialize in adaptive reuses and place a special emphasis on what they describe as the three spaces – the inside space, the outside space and the “third space” which refers to the transition between inside and out.

Photography © Prue Ruscoe

Article source: The D Pages: http://blog.thedpages.com/hesshoens-update-of-a-historical-home

191 Musgrave Road,
Red Hill QLD 4059

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