Vendor Paid Advertising: How Much Should I Spend?

home-soldThere’s a bare minimum that all vendors need to spend in order to maximise the sale price of their home.


Ultimately, it’s about attracting the highest number of ‘qualified’ buyers to your listing in the shortest time period in order to get the highest possible price.


So how do you qualify a buyer?


There are certain essential items that are the must-haves of real estate internet advertising in order to qualify buyers and not end up with a houseful of tyre-kickers at your opens.


They are:

  • Professional images
  • Floor plan
  • Professional copy writing
  • Signage (if permitted for your property)
  • Brochure
  •, etc listing (because is our country’s most popular portal for real estate, the price has risen steeply over the years – but it is absolutely essential to be on this site)


So how much should you reasonably be looking at for these base level items?


Well, you won’t get much change from $1000.


On top of that, your agent might recommend some newspaper advertising. The reasoning behind newspaper ads is to attract buyers that may not necessarily be searching in your suburb. These can cost anywhere from $100 and can go into the thousands.


Often the best place to start is with the base level advertising, and after getting feedback from the agent evaluate whether newspaper ads are necessary.


Calibre Real Estate agents will tailor advertising campaigns to ensure the best result for all our clients.


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