Picture8WALLPAPER to wallpaper or not to wallpaper? If you’re looking to brighten up your home for the warmer months, the walls of your home have the advantage of changing and transforming your space easily, with a little the help of paint or wallpaper. Here are a few factors to consider when freshening up your walls:








Wallpaper: Removing existing wallpaper can be a tedious task that requires patience and the right tools to be effective.  Stripping wallpaper can be done with chemicals or stripping tools, but care must be taken or damage can result to the wall.

Paint: If you are painting over a damaged wall, prepare imperfections with spackle and let dry 24 hours in advance. Painting requires considerably less preparation time than wallpaper.

Selection & Durability

Wallpaper: Very durable and will hold up to wear and tear of children, high traffic areas and many varieties are scrubbable. However, since wallpaper is applied with an adhesive, high moisture bathrooms and kitchens may cause wallpaper to peel away from the wall.

Paint: Depending on the sheen/finish paint is a good option for areas that need to have an inexpensive and easy application.  Semi-gloss to high gloss paints are durable and are usually reserved for trim, exterior doors, etc Satin, Eggshell and occasionally Flat sheens are used on interior walls.

A combination of both: Many people want the versatility of adding a texture to their wall with customizable paint colours.  Paintable wallpaper is a product that comes in rolls or adhesive squares. After the textured wallpaper is applied it can be left bare or it can be painted.  The best of both worlds!



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