What are three cheapest value ads you can do to your Investment prior to selling?

a9f9ac2af6a01a59b2efd3e23e4931243e4b4ab8It is easy for everyone to give their opinion as realistically every property has a unique scenario. Having renovated from the un-livable to a premium finished product, there is a lot that can be done on a budget to create record sales results from your investment.


Looking after your investment on daily, weekly, monthly bases makes a massive difference with buyer phycology on the integrity of the structure small or large. Basic house improvements prior to sale, may not necessarily spike an end sale price above a median suburb price but reduce the risk of overexposure and it not selling at all or and end up selling below median prices in a forced sale situation.

Selling property as a profession at all price points and condition standards the best three tips whether your investment be 1 or 1 years old.

1. Maintained yards and gardens,
2. Maintained exteriors and interiors,
3. De-clutter your property and create space.

I can talk all day about letter boxes, painting fences , neutral tones, basic kitchen and bathroom cosmetic upgrades , but for the average household that wants to simply upgrade and move on, the above three tips are the most commonly forgotten and the most cost effective.

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