What To Expect From A Property Manager (+ how we can help you)

Looking to rent your property in Ashgrove, Red Hill, Bardon or The Gap? Calibre Real Estate are experts in those suburbs and all over Brisbane’s North West

Despite the fact that managing a property can be stressful, landlords often have trouble deciding between self-management and using an agent to manage their property.

We believe that good property managers are worth their weight in gold. 


  • They take care of the time-consuming tasks so that you don’t have to
  • They are a reliable go-between with the aim of keeping both you and your tenant happy
  • They mitigate your investment risk.

These are some of the things are proud to offer the landlords we work with at Calibre Real Estate.

Here we break down the property management services we offer.

How we can help

We run a tight ship and lead with proven strategies to ensure your investment is always working for you.

What are some of the ways we can help manage your rental property?

  • Finding and screening prospective tenants
    We won’t stop looking until we find the perfect tenant. Our shortlisting process helps narrow applicants down to the very best. With our strict criteria, we are confident we will place only the most suitable tenant in your home

  • Managing tenant relations 
    Once we have secured your ideal tenant, we will not forget about them. We check in often to make sure everything is running smoothly

  • Rent setting and collection
    We begin by setting the right rent level in line with market indicators in order to help you capatilise on your property value. We keep updated about local rates and adjust as necessary. Then we take on the responsibility of collecting rent so that you can always count on receiving payment

  • Regular visits
    We check up on the property regularly. These checks allow us to keep up to date with the condition of the property and the tenants welfare

  • Preventative maintenance
    In line with the agreement we have with a landlord, we work to keep the property in top condition. We do this by carrying out preventative maintenance which includes things like checking for leaks, garden conditioning and advising on repair requirements

  • Organising repairs
    If it is within the best interest of the landlord to carry out some repairs on the property, we will advise. We then go ahead and facilitate all necessary repair work whilst liaising with contractors and the tenant so that the landlord doesn’t have to.

Why use Calibre Real Estate?

With so many property managers offering their services, why should you choose Calibre?

Here are some of the many benefits that you’ll get when working with us.

We’ll keep you legal

We believe the key to great property management is risk prevention.

That’s why we educate our landlords about how to reduce risk whilst renting out their property.

We have an in-depth knowledge of property legislation, so we know how to take care of your legal interests. 

By applying our expert knowledge of rental legislation, we offer a service that keeps our landlords informed of all the legal obligations associated with owning and renting out a property in Brisbane so that they’re never caught off guard. 

On your behalf, we will complete a multitude of mandated forms and meet contractual deadlines as standard.

This way, we ensure that you’re in line with the law and that your obligations are fulfilled.

We are boutique

We are not restricted by big franchise rules.

Unlike national firms, you are not just another client on our books. Instead, we have the freedom to provide landlords with a bespoke and personal service.

We go above and beyond to maintain our reputation as a reliable and professional boutique real estate agency in Brisbane.

In order to achieve this, we do not overwhelm our property managers with an unreasonable number of clients allowing them the time to spend on the landlord they work with.  This also means, they will always be contactable and on hand to work for you. 

We are experts  

Our team of property managers know what they’re doing. They are pro-active and always working to deliver the best for our customers.

We take seriously the day to day operations that come with managing a rental property and we are unflinching in our dedication.

In order to advise you on what’s best, we keep up to scratch with industry standards.

We know the tricks of the trade and we’re committed to sharing them with you. 

We’re locals

We know the North West of Brisbane intimately.

We really like it too. 

That’s why our head office is located in Red Hill.

Every day we get to experience what this corner of Brisbane has to offer and we never get bored talking about it.

What’s more?

  • We know the area rental trends and prices firsthand
  • We’re just around the corner from your property
  • Our database is continually updated with the right type of candidates

Get in touch

Let us help minimise your liability and free up some of your precious time.

Our property management team have an excellent track record and are on hand to speak with you right away.

Give us a call on 07 3367 3411.

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