How to Lodge the Winning Tenancy Application

When lodging a tenancy application, there are a few key things you can do to arm yourself with the best possible chance of being successful. Trying to find a new home to rent can be exhausting. Particularly if you know there’s big competition on the one property you have desperately fallen in love with!

tenancy application tenancy turnaround secure your home rent your house professional property manager return on investment best property managerWell Daniel Gow, our Property Management expert, imparts with us his top tips to help you ensure your tenancy application is the chosen one.

“The most important thing is to be truthful” says Dan. “I had one applicant the other day who was 33 years old. On his application, he said that he was moving out of home for the very first time. We always conduct background checks on all of our applicants. When we did a background check on him, we discovered that he in fact once owned his own home and didn’t divulge this information. We later discovered there were reasons why he didn’t initially disclose this information and we worked together with the applicant to process his submission. But if the applicant had been upfront and honest right from the get-go, it would have saved a lot of heart ache in the interim.

“If you believe that there might be something that could affect your application in a negative way, just be honest about it. Everybody has a past, by ensuring full disclosure you’re being proactive rather than reactive. In order for us to present your application to the landlord in the best possible light, the more honest and wholesome information you give, the better it is. Life happens and sometimes a rental reference may come back negatively. But truthful understanding is received by landlords far better than uncertain skepticism”

7 Tips to Lodge the Winning Tenancy Application

  1. 1. Dot Your I’s and Cross Your T’s

    Ensure all of your paperwork is thorough and completed properly. If your application hasn’t been completed properly or is missing information, then this will delay the process and could mean your application misses out altogether.

  2. 2. Supporting Documentation

    These requirements can vary agency to agency. Ensure that the documentation you are supplying meets the agency’s guidelines & requirements.

  3. 3. References

    Ensure your references are reputable with valid contact details. Ideally don’t put a family member down as a reference. Agencies & Landlords don’t want to see references from your mum, of course she’s going to give you a glowing reference!! Instead, perhaps consider your employer or a teacher. But always remember to ask them firstly, before putting them down as your reference!

  4. 4. Ensure all contact details are correct and legible

    In order to conduct reference and background checks, the agency will need to make some phone calls and send emails. If they need to follow you up for this info then it will delay the application process even further.

  5. 5. Be on time to every appointment

    We all lead busy lives. If for whatever reason you can’t make an appointment on time, besure to call your contact person to let them know you’re going to be delayed. Punctuality will show the agency that you are a reliable candidate.

  6. 6. All occupants over the age of 18 years must submit an application

    Anyone residing in the property who is over the age of 18 MUST submit their own application regardless of who is paying the rent.

  7. 7. Online Applications

    If the agency has the facility to do so, consider lodging your application through sites such as 1 Form  wherever possible. The beauty with sites such as 1 Form is that you, the tenant, can literally fill out your tenancy application details once. You can then use those details to apply for as many tenancy applications as you need thereafter.

Special thanks to Daniel Gow for sharing his expert knowledge.
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