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Share the benefits of Calibre Real Estate with your friends, clients and networks, and get paid as you go. It’s free and easy, and there are no limits to what you could earn.

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After signing up, please check your inbox for a confirmation email from us. This will include your login details and some brief instructions. You can then log into your affiliate account and start earning! Please take a moment to read our quick start guide below.

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1. Locate your affiliate link

Your affiliate dashboard is an easy and convenient tool for you to access your affiliate link and banners, and to monitor your earnings. 

The quickest and easiest way to get started is to use your generic affiliate link – it’s located right at the top of every page and looks something like this:

Note: #a_aid=….. – this is the affiliate’s personal identifier, which is unique for each affiliate. 

Simply copy and paste your own affiliate link from your account and share it with others (please don’t use the sample link above).  

It really is that simple – all you need to do is recommend Calibre to others in your networks by sharing your affiliate link to our website. From the moment they click on your unique link and visit our website, they are tagged in our system as one of your referrals, and you automatically get paid for every step of their property journey with Calibre. Clicks, enquiries, listings and sales – it all translates into income for you, and you don’t have to do a thing.

And it’s not just you that benefits. As well as the exceptional service they get from Calibre, your referred parties will receive a special $500 discount on marketing their property – a fee that they would have had to pay without your referral.

You can also get paid for referring people who are renting out their property and need property management services (including switching to Calibre).

Calibre Affiliate Program Track Your Earnings

2. Track your earnings

By clicking on Reports and Commissions you can access information on your commissions for clicks, leads, listings and sales, along with the status (approved or pending) and payment status. You can also see quick stats, history of payments, clicks list, top banners and campaigns.

The system also stores anonymised emails and names of the potential customers, so it’s easy to track your commissions if a lead turns into a sale. 

If you invite subaffiliates in the future, you will be able to see information about your network too, including its sales stats. 

3. Find banners & links

Go to Promotion and then Banners & Links to find a number of pre-made banners that you can place on your website, social media group, account or blog to generate your passive income. 

You can choose from several different campaigns that each lead to a specific page, such as HomepageSell with CalibreFree property appraisal, and others. 

You might prefer to use a link or a banner to download our Guide to selling, for example, instead of sending referrals to the homepage. 

Simply click on ‘Get banner code’, then copy and paste the code to your website page, blog, etc. There is a wide range of banners in different sizes to suit your page. If you need any help with adding a banner or a link, just get in touch.

Calibre Affiliate Program - Banners
Calibre Affiliate Program - Subaffiliates

4. Grow your network and income

Fancy earning 25% of what another person is earning, just for introducing him/her to the Calibre Affiliate Program? 

Simply click on Signup Subaffiliates and send your unique link to anyone who you believe might be interested in becoming an affiliate. Anyone who clicks on this link and signs up to become an affiliate will automatically become your subaffiliate. 

You only need 4 active subaffiliates to earn an extra full affiliate commission, without doing anything yourself. But why stop there? Keep inviting and earn even more!

5. Get help when needed

You don’t have to go it alone! We have a dedicated affiliate program manager who can help you get started in no time, as well as providing assistance and support every step of the way. This includes ad templates and other creative media, as needed, helping you to promote Calibre and drive referrals without having to be an expert in design or marketing. 

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