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Calibre’s Digital Marketing Secret Weapon

When COVID-19 hit, it impacted almost every industry and needless to say, the real estate industry was one of them. Traditional marketing, such as letterbox drops, brochures, door knocking and community events, and face to face meetings suddenly …

Australian Home Owners Living Overseas: How you will be affected by the Capital Gain Tax Changes

What you need to know if you are classed as a foreign investor with an Australian property.  December 2019 saw the government pass …

How To Sell Your Home For More Profit

If you’re looking to sell your home in Brisbane’s North West then Calibre Real Estate can help you achieve the best price At Calibre Real Estate we aim to support sellers achieve the best …

The Ultimate Guide to Home Staging

Home Staging can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have professionals involved. Having professionals can help you decide where everything goes. If you choose to do it by yourself, here is our ultimate guide to home staging. This …
Record Sale By Justin Hagen
Sold By Justin Hagen
Sold By Justin Hagen

Seller’s Share Their Experience of Record Sale by Justin Hagen

Meet Christy & Stuart, they recently sold their home at 91 Coronation Street in Bardon. Their real estate agent, Justin Hagen, recently sold their home and achieve an excellent result for his sellers. The home was sold by …
Quality Real Estate Marketing
quality real estate marketing
quality real estate marketing

How Much Should I Pay For Quality Real Estate Marketing?

There’s a bare minimum that all vendors need to spend in order to maximise the sale price of their home. Ultimately, investing in quality real estate marketing will attract the highest number of ‘qualified’ buyers to your property in the shortest …
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