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The Best Way To Save Money During Renovations And Maximise Profit

Renovating and upgrading your house before placing it on the market is always a good idea. However, spending too much on renovations can hurt your return on investment. It’s called over-capitalising, and it means you’ve spent more …

How To Find Your Ideal Investment Property

Finding a great investment property requires discipline and due diligence around the organisation of your finances. You have to be on top of your mortgage and tax obligations, as well …

Seven Ways For Landlords To Be Tax-Smart

It’s that time of the year again! You should be preparing to lodge your tax return. This means gathering your paperwork and checking the residential rental properties area of …

10 Easy Tips To Add Value Around Your Home

Real estate – a home, a haven, and an asset that is worth looking after. If you do take care of your property and do your best to add value, it can be a satisfying …

Best Landlord Insurance

Want to know what landlord insurance you should get? Here we compare
Rental arrears
Rental Arrears
Rental Arrears

Rental Arrears : Property Management Secrets to keeping your tenants up to date.

When a tenant is in rental arrears, it can be rather costly for the landlord. Particularly, if the appropriate rental arrears procedures are not followed by the property manager. A good Property Manager will ensure all tenants sign a …
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