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Share the benefits of Calibre Real Estate with your friends, clients and networks, and get paid as you go. It’s free and easy, and there are no limits to what you could earn.

Terms and Conditions

Fair use policy applies. We welcome genuine referrals by our affiliates, and commission is paid for genuine clicks and leads/enquiries. We reserve the right to block fraudulent clicks, commissions and accounts that violate these policies. Commission rates are subject to change and are currently set as:


$0.50 per click 

Many other affiliate programs do not pay for clicks, but at Calibre we believe that every effort should be rewarded. That’s why we pay our affiliates for every genuine click generated so that you can start earning from day 1. In most cases, clicks will quickly turn into enquiries and you get an additional bonus for a new lead/enquiry, but for fairness we apply a limit of 100 clicks per 1 genuine enquiry. So if you generated 150 clicks and 1 enquiry, you would get paid:

  • $50 for first 100 clicks (1-100)
  • $25 for a new enquiry


In Total: $75

Additional 50 Clicks over 100 (101-200) would be paid when a new genuine lead (#2) is generated. 
You would see a total number of clicks and your earnings in your dashboard, irrespective of this payment limit.
We constantly monitor the quality of clicks and leads and reserve the right to decline any clicks and leads that are not genuine. 

Payment can be requested when at least 1 new genuine lead is generated. 

Clicks from outside Australia will be declined. 

$25 for a new lead/enquiry
We’ve made it simple – a lead could be an enquiry via a ‘Contact us’ page, a property appraisal request, or downloading one of our sales and property management brochures (The Complete Guide to Selling Your Property, The Complete Guide to Styling Your Property or The Complete Guide to Managing Your Property). Forms must be completed in full and the person should be contactable via phone. All actions by your referrals are automatically tracked by the system and once they complete one of the actions mentioned above, you get credited a specified amount to your account. 

All leads must be within the service area of Calibre Real Estate – South East Queensland, Australia. Interstate leads stay ‘pending’ until the lead lists his/her property with Calibre (lead gets approved), if this doesn’t happen the lead will be declined after 365 days.  

Leads from outside Australia will be declined and will only be approved if they convert into a sale later.

$50 when property is listed for sale with Calibre

When we list your referral’s property with us, you get an extra $50 commission – you will see this amount credited to your account once property is listed. The time between listing and sale depends on a number of factors but is on average 4 weeks. For property management agreements it might be less than that.

$1,000 Sales commission when settled (property sold)
When a sale is finalised (settled), you get paid the full amount ($1,000). 
Your referral is eligible to receive a bonus of $500 to use for marketing prior to settlement. This bonus can’t be used after the sale has happened or claimed as a monetary compensation afterwards. Commissions are paid for referred people who are new to Calibre and not Calibre’s existing customers. 

$250 Property management commission 
When you refer a customer who ends up signing a property management agreement, you get paid the full amount ($250). 
Your referral gets 1 month of free property management services. Conditions apply.
Commissions are paid for referred people who are new to Calibre and not Calibre’s existing customers

25% Subaffiliate commission
We believe good things are worth sharing. If you invite others to become affiliates using your special affiliate invitation link, you help other people to generate more income. These new affiliates automatically become your subaffiliates. For your recommendation, you will receive 25% of all commission payments to your direct subaffiliates for as long as they are generating commission. As a parent affiliate, you receive commission for your subaffiliates only (ie one generation removed, not two generations or ‘grandchildren affiliates’). However, your direct affiliates have the opportunity to earn 25% commission on their own subaffiliates. All commissions earned remain within this two generation structure.

Terms and conditions, as well as commissions rates, are subject to change by Calibre Real Estate. 

Any questions? 

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