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8 Steps to Boost Your Earnings

Learn about some of the proven methods our affiliates use to generate clicks, leads and sales.

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1. Add your affiliate link to your signature

The easiest way to put your extra income on ‘autopilot’ is to add your affiliate link to your email signature that is automatically added to all emails you send. It takes only 5 minutes to set up but  will earn you a commission every time people click on the link, plus  bigger payouts for enquiries and $1,000 if a lead turns into a sale. 

You can either phrase it as a recommendation to download a free Guide to Selling ebook (as in this example), or take people to our practical ‘Steps to Sell Your Property‘ section, or simply to the homepage. Be sure to include your unique affiliate link – in this example, we added a simple link from The Guide to Selling campaign, including a sample affiliate link, to the words ‘Click here’.

Feel free to be creative or simply follow our suggestions below.

Contact us for assistance when you need it.

Signature - Calibre Affiliate Program

Some signature ideas you can apply straight away

Feel free to copy and paste these suggestions and tweak them as you like. Don’t forget to replace the affiliate link with your own!
People are likely to click on the link out of interest and even a single click is enough for our system to tag them as your referral.

Post a Review - Calibre Affiliate Program

2. Post a review of our services on social media

Post a review of our services on social media (you can use the suggestions below or write your own), letting people know how good these services are. Include your affiliate link at the end of the review. You can post on channels like LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs, forums, social media groups, etc. 

You can also join popular real estate or other social media groups and make contributions to popular threads there. Be sure to go into your group/forum profile and edit your signature. Make a signature that includes your affiliate link, or a link to your own “review” website of our services. That way, every time you make a post, anyone who sees it will see your signature and potentially click on your affiliate link.

3. Add banners to your website(s)

If you have your own website, or manage any websites, you could monetise your traffic by adding one or several banners to these sites. 

Go to Promotion and then Banners & Links to find a number of pre-made banners that you can place on your website, social media group, account or blog to generate your passive income. 

You can choose from several different campaigns that each lead to a specific page, such as HomepageSteps to Selling Your PropertyFree property appraisalDownload Guide to Selling , and others. 

Simply click on ‘Get banner code’, then copy and paste the code to your website page, blog, etc. There is a wide range of banners in different sizes to fit your page. If you need any help adding a banner or link, just contact us .

Video Advertising - Calibre Affiliate Program

4. Video advertising

Record a short video review about our services and upload it to YouTube and other video sharing platforms. Be sure to add your affiliate link to the description or comments area (where permitted).

If you feel like you don’t know much about Calibre, you can record a video about our Guide to Selling Your Property – it’s a beautiful, professionally designed 70 page brochure that would benefit anyone who’s thinking about selling.

Contact us if you need help with anything.

5. Email newsletter

If you own an email list of newsletter subscribers, or other people who have opted in to receive email offers from you, send them an email telling them about our website. Feel free to use some text from our homepage in your email, and be sure to include your affiliate link at the end. You can even use our email samples.

*Note – We do not tolerate spamming in any way.

Email Newsletter - Affiliate Program
Pay-Per-Click Advertising - Calibre Real Estate

6. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

Using a PPC account from Google Adwords, or many others, you can easily generate income with our affiliate program. You can either send people directly to us using your affiliate link in your PPC ads, or you can create your own website in which you include a review of our services, followed by your affiliate tracking link.

Contact us if you need help with anything.

7. Email people you know

Email people you know and personally recommend our services. If they click on your affiliate link just once, they will be tagged by our system as your referrals.

Email people you know - Calibre Affiliate Program
Webinars - Calibre Affiliate Program

8. Upgrade yourself

Being an affiliate is not particularly difficult or demanding, but there are many tricks and techniques that can improve your results. Check your emails from us, attend our webinars and info sessions, listen to stories from other experienced Calibre affiliates, and share your experience too so that you can all help each other to become even more successful. 

Contact us if you need help with anything.


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