Real Estate Advertising Costs

Naturally, you want to keep the costs down when trying to sell your property, but real estate marketing costs and advertising fees are a necessary investment if you want maximum exposure and the best sale price. There is a sliding scale, but you will need to spend a certain amount in these areas if you want to see results.

Justin Hagen, licensed estate agent at Calibre Real Estate, shares his professional opinion on how much you can expect to pay for quality real estate advertising and marketing.


How Much Does Quality Real Estate Marketing Cost?

Below, you can find some typical costs for the different types of marketing output. Talk to a Calibre Real Estate agent to find out more about the discounts we can offer, as well as some complimentary services. 

Calibre Real Estate’s marketing campaigns find the balance between maximum exposure and engagement, and affordable property marketing costs that suit your budget. As we explore the various marketing options with you and offer expert and tailored advice, you can rest assured that we have done the very best to achieve the sale price you deserve.

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