Earn $1,000 per confirmed sale &
$250 for a secured property management
(Brisbane Area only)

+ Save your Referrals up to $500* when you refer clients to Calibre

*Terms & Conditions apply (visit)


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Share the benefits of Calibre Real Estate with your friends, clients and networks, and get paid as you go. It’s free and easy, and there are no limits to what you could earn.

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5 Reasons to Partner with us

Interested in earning $1,000 per successful referral?
Find out how with the Calibre Partner Program – it’s free to join.

1. Make money and help others

You probably share links all the time, whether it’s a restaurant recommendation, a good read, or customer service that went above and beyond.

What if you could get $1,000 just for sharing a link to an award-winning boutique real estate agency in Brisbane that provides exceptional services for its customers?

It really is that simple – all you need to do is recommend Calibre to others in your networks and then sit back and reap the rewards! You can do this by sharing your affiliate link to our website or by handing out the Calibre gift cards, vouchers and flyers included in your free affiliate welcome pack, each printed with your unique QR code. From the moment they click on your unique link or scan the QR code on the card or flyer, they are tagged in our system as one of your referrals, and you automatically get paid for every step of their property journey with Calibre. Clicks, enquiries, listings and sales – it all translates into income for you, and you don’t have to do a thing. 

Focus your efforts on generating interest and leads from property owners in Brisbane (we do not service other areas and other states at this stage, hence we only pay for leads from Brisbane area).


Intro video - How it works in 2 minutes

And it’s not just you that benefits. As well as the exceptional service they get from Calibre, your referred parties will receive a special $500 discount on marketing their property – a fee that they would have had to pay without your referral.

You can also get paid for referring people who are renting out their property and need property management services (including switching to Calibre). 

With the Calibre Partner Program, you can leverage your website or profile to earn a passive income. Whether you’re a mortgage broker, a tradie, a property blogger, or a community group, making a passive income has never been easier. You can make money via your website, blog or Facebook page in just a few simple steps:

• Give Calibre gift cards, vouchers and flyers to your friends, family and networks

• Email your custom Calibre affiliate link to your contacts

• Add our banner to your website, blog or community page

We also provide a brief guide and free training to help you get started in less than 10 minutes. As you get going, we encourage you to look through further materials that will help you take your sales to the next level.

Grow your income streams

2. Grow your income streams

The Calibre Partner Program makes it easier than ever to add a new income stream to your business or online presence, and watch it grow! Your audience gets the benefit of a complimentary marketing package worth $500 if they sell their property through Calibre, and prospects don’t even have to convert for you to profit from the referral.

Invite others to become affiliates and receive 25% of their commission for as long as they generate commission. Easily track your earnings from your network in the dashboard.

3. No limits and speedy payments

The more people you refer to Calibre, the more money you make – it’s as simple as that! If 5 of your referrals reach settlement with help from Calibre, you get $5,000. Refer 20 clients and you get $20,000. There is no upper payment limit, so your income can grow with your audience. Focus your efforts on generating interest and leads from property owners in Brisbane. 

Every time one of your referrals reaches a settlement on their property you get to cash in. You can receive your payment in the way that best suits you – via PayPal or bank transfer. It’s passive, flexible and convenient. Payments for sales are settled as soon as the sale is finalised. Other payments are settled monthly, so you will always know exactly what you’re going to get paid and when.

Dashboard to track your earnings 24/7

4. Dashboard to track your earnings 24/7

Access your own affiliate dashboard to track performance and stay organised, with up-to-date marketing assets. From the moment you sign up, you can track impressions, earnings for clicks, leads and sales, plus your commission for your subaffiliates (once you have them). You will also get immediate automatic email notifications about commission earned for every new lead or sale, plus weekly or monthly reports on the number of clicks and your earned commission.

5. Marketing support from the experts

You don’t have to go it alone! We have a dedicated affiliate program manager who can help you get started in no time, as well as providing assistance and support every step of the way. This includes ad templates and other creative media, as needed, helping you to promote Calibre and drive referrals without having to be an expert in design or marketing. Partner one-on-one with an affiliate marketing manager to create and launch a custom affiliate marketing plan!

Marketing support from the experts

How It Works

Visitor clicks on an affiliate link on your site, social media channel, or email, or simply scans the QR code on a gift card, voucher or flyer.

The visitor’s IP is logged and a cookie is placed in their browser for tracking purposes.

The visitor browses our site and makes an enquiry, requests a property appraisal or downloads a brochure.

The action will be registered as a lead for you, and you get paid for leads and clicks too. Lead info is automatically added to the system. If this person ends up selling his/her property through us, you get $1,000 commission for sales and $250 for property management deals.

We track where the enquiry came from and pay you commission. It’s that simple!

If this person ends up selling his/her property through us, you get $1,000 commission for sales and $250 for property management deals.

Start Earning Today

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Getting Started

Join our most flexible affiliate program for the real estate industry and start earning from day 1. 

We pay for clicks, enquiries, listings and sales – in other words, everything.*

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To join the Affiliate Partner Program, simply complete the form. You will get access to our affiliate portal where you can find your affiliate link and ready-to-share banners.

Refer People

Share your link and/or ready made banners and articles via email, social media, forums, website, blog, etc. Hand out Calibre gift cards, vouchers and flyers to people you know. Track real-time progress by monitoring impressions, clicks and earnings 24/7 via the secure partner portal.

Earn Money

Get paid for each click, lead and enquiry and earn $1,000 every time a property is listed and sold by Calibre via your initial referral, plus commission for property management leads too (Brisbane only). Want to take your passive income to the next level? Invite others to become affiliates and receive 25% of their commission all the way through.

Ready to get started?

Frequently Asked Questions

Referral links are tracked with cookies, which last for 365 days after someone clicks on the link. If the user clicks on the referral link again, the 365 days will restart. Cookies continue to track activity even if someone leaves the web page and comes back at a later time (without clicking on the referral link). In other words, if the people you referred fill out the enquiry form or list their property with us within the next 12 months, you will get paid.

All commissions for clicks and leads/enquires are applied automatically. All listings and sales commissions are manually approved weekly so that you can keep up with your referrals and conversions, and payments are made at the start of each month. Commissions from approved referrals are paid via PayPal. Please be sure to add the appropriate PayPal details to your affiliate partner dashboard profile. Lead is an enquiry from a person that is interested in selling or renting out his or her property located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

Criteria apply to clicks and leads – visit Terms & Conditions page for details.

The Calibre Affiliate Program compensates affiliate partners in the following way:

  • $0.50 per click
  • $25 for a new lead/enquiry
  • $50 when property is listed for sale with Calibre
  • $1,000 when settled (property sold)
  • $250 for a confirmed property management deal
  • 25% of your 2nd tier subaffiliates’ commission
  • $10 bonus for each new subaffiliate

Commissions for clicks and leads are credited automatically, while other commissions receive a ‘pending’ status until a certain event happens (customer lists a property for sale or rent, subaffiliate joins the program, etc.) at which point the commission gets approved. Commissions can stay in ‘pending’ status for up to 365 days, so there is plenty of opportunity for the customer to take an action and for you to get paid.

Criteria apply to clicks and leads – visit Terms & Conditions page for details.

If you would like to discuss a custom agreement, please talk to us.

Direct them to your affiliate referral link so that they can request a free property appraisal, send an enquiry or claim their gift offer. You can share your referral link with them directly, hand out Calibre gift cards, vouchers and flyers, or implement a banner on your website, social channels or emails that sends people to your unique affiliate link. Adding a link or a banner is very easy – just copy and paste it from the media library in the affiliate section of the website.

Absolutely! Complete the sign-up form to apply now.

If you’re not ready to apply because you’d like to discuss a unique plan for your platform, more details about the program, or anything else at all, please email affiliate@calibrerealestate.com.au today.


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