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Selling your property is about more than just putting it on the market – that’s when we get to work.

Calibre’s Iconic Marketing

At Calibre Real Estate, we know from experience that the way your home is marketed has a huge impact on its final sale price. We understand that simply displaying a ‘For Sale’ sign on the lawn and running an ad for an open house in the local paper is not going to cut it.

That’s why we apply a strategic marketing methodology for maximum exposure. After all, the goal when marketing your home is to generate as much interest from buyers as possible, and that means getting it noticed by the right people.

We are experts at marketing properties for sales success.  We know how to develop a tailored real estate marketing strategy that exploits and combines the wide-ranging tools and techniques available to showcase your property in the right ways, to the right people. 

We use state-of-art solutions and digital marketing strategies, along with traditional in-person and print approaches, to give your property maximum exposure. We aim to run a promotion campaign blitz as soon as your home hits the market and we offer a number of comprehensive real estate marketing packages, which we tailor to meet your individual needs.

With access to some of the largest real estate databases in Australia, we are able to combine market analysis data with our own extensive experience in order to make strategic decisions in line with the latest market trends and developments.

Calibre Real Estate has been recognised with multiple awards since 2010, including the 2021 REIQ Multimedia Award. Quality is one of our hallmarks, so we are always working to monitor and improve the quality of our services so that we can continue to set the standard for our industry.

We believe that our customers deserve the very best, and that’s why we market every home with creative energy, unrivalled skill, and meticulous attention to detail. It’s the voices of our customers that matter most to us, so we conduct regular customer feedback surveys to make sure that we are delivering what we promise and scoring ‘Excellent’ across the board.

At Calibre Real Estate, we are always striving to improve and innovate without straying from our roots. We don’t just focus on property; we focus on people. While so much happens online these days, we still thrive on the human touch as this is where real connection and relationships are forged. We believe in engaging with our buyers and sellers, and not just with electronic devices. Harnessing the power of modern digital marketing solutions, in line with our values, we are able to stay at the cutting edge of real estate marketing and promotion without compromising on our commitment to people.

Here we look at the most tried and tested strategies of marketing in real estate, plus newer marketing strategies and techniques that have the potential to propel your listing beyond the competition.


The Importance of a Powerful Marketing Plan

The key to success in real estate marketing is planning and preparation. Your agent should be able to outline a clear and focused marketing strategy, based on proven methods and a track record of successful sales. At Calibre Real Estate, we will work with you to develop a plan that is appropriate to your property type and area, and to your needs and preferences.

With our industry experience and local market insights, we can advise you about the most effective ways to gain maximum exposure and attract the most interested buyers. The best marketing strategies combine digital, SEO and social media promotion with things like real estate marketing flyers and brochures, prints ads, signboards, and good old letter box drops. More exposure means more interest from buyers, and more competition means a higher sale price.

Real Estate Portals – Rich Online Presence

It’s no secret that the vast majority of buyers – over 85% – use online property searches to kick off their house hunt, and it’s often property portals such as realestate.com.au that are the first port of call. If you want to get your property noticed fast, by as many prospective buyers as possible, your marketing campaign must include these channels. These property search websites are hotbeds for people who are actively looking to buy, so the potential for converting interest into offers is high.

With Calibre Real Estate, you have the opportunity to list your property on over a dozen of the most popular real estate websites, including our own premium, mobile-friendly portal. We will also run comprehensive real estate social media marketing campaigns to promote your property through our social channels and get it seen by an even wider audience.

We encourage buyers to set property alerts so that they get notified of any new properties listed with Calibre Real Estate that meet their criteria. This means the right buyers are instantly alerted to your property and directed to your listing. These are just some of the ways in which we work on behalf of our customers to achieve a fast and lucrative sale.

Outstanding Social Media Marketing

Social media is an ever more powerful tool in the industry, from real estate Facebook marketing to paid campaigns and advertising across every platform. At Calibre Real Estate, we have joined forced with Properti to create an automated Facebook and Instagram advertising platform for our customers, which intensifies the promotion of our property listings and drives maximum exposure and engagement.  This state-of-the-art platform also enables us to analyse behaviour, trends and responses to our posts so that we can be sure to put the right properties in front of the right audience when it counts.

Large Scale Email Marketing

As a respected property marketing agency with a solid reputation, we have a database of thousands of potential buyers in each of our areas of operation. When you list your property with us, we will instantly let the relevant buyers know about it, and use targeted e-mail campaigns to generate interest from active buyers in your local area.

Advanced Search Engine Marketing

We have expertise in running successful Google ad campaigns to attract active buyers and sellers and promote properties effectively. Our real estate SEO marketing campaigns are strategic and targeted so that we can match relevant properties with people who are actively looking to buy. This means more completed sales, with positive outcomes for our customers.

Effective Video Marketing

We understand the power of video to catch the attention of prospective buyers. Our strategic video marketing starts with a presentation and tour of the property, which we share on social media, as well as ongoing video marketing campaigns through platforms such as Google and Facebook. 

At Calibre Real Estate, we have the experience and skill to use this powerful tool to its full potential and achieve the best results for you.

What makes video marketing such a valuable resource for your property sale?

The power of the moving image offers potential buyers a unique feel of the home, and conveys more than static photos

Video can be used effectively through email marketing and social media

Interest generated via video leads to more clicks on your property listing

These clicks translate into more people at your open house

More inspections means more offers

The more offers on the table, the better price your realtor can secure!

We do more to turn heads.

Great real estate marketing is all about getting as many eyes as possible on your listing, and grabbing the attention of active buyers.  At Calibre Real Estate, we go above and beyond to turn heads in your direction.

Professional Photography, Videography and 3D Property Tours

We understand the importance of capturing a buyer’s attention in an instant. That’s why we work with exceptional photographers and videographers to produce high quality media that showcases your property at its very best. First impressions count, and we go the extra mile to stop any interested buyer in their tracks.



Professional Photos

With so many people searching for properties online these days, high quality professional photography really is a non-negotiable. It doesn’t take much for a buyer to move on to the next listing, so you really have to make yours stand out.

At Calibre Real Estate, our photography is presented to the highest standard, and with exceptional attention to detail, highlighting the best features of your home.

Only the Best Shots

A professional real estate photographer is responsible for capturing only the best shots of your home. They will dictate how to manipulate the space, where to create horizontal and vertical lines, and how to direct the focus. From selecting the most picture-worthy areas, to capturing shots at the right time of day, the photographer will curate a story for your potential buyers to explore.


During the post-production phase, the finest photos will be chosen and tastefully enhanced to present your property in the best light. With professional photos capturing your property in all its glory, buyers are much more likely to take notice.

This generates more inspections and, ultimately, more offers. Real estate photography is not a liability expense – when done right, it can only serve to be beneficial for your home sale and almost always delivers a solid return on investment. 

3D Property Tours

The Matterport 3D property tour enables users to move through a property and see it from any angle, almost as if viewing it in person. Since REA Group began using Matterport on its partner site, realestate.com.au, it found a significant increase in the engagement levels of potential buyers. According to REA, buyers are 60% more likely to email and 95% more likely to call an agent about a property that includes a 3D property tour. That’s a pretty big swing!

High quality 3D property tours make it even easier for more buyers to view and explore your home in their own time. The tour is available 24/7, so they don’t have to wait for an in-person inspection before falling in love with your property. A virtual tour also gives you greater reach, as interstate buyers are able to discover your property remotely.


Property Videos

Stunning photography is one thing, but a great property video can work wonders when it comes to selling your home. Gone are the days when professional property videos were only used at the highest end of luxury real estate marketing. At Calibre, we combine the benefits of professional photography and video marketing strategies, as well as cutting edge drone footage, to create a unique and enticing marketing campaign for your property that is sure to secure a premium price.


Creative Professional Copywriting

Selling a property is about more than facts, stats and feature checklists. As well as giving potential buyers the headlines about your property, we use narrative storytelling to help them fall in love with more than just the four walls. Through creative and well-crafted copy, we paint a compelling picture that invites buyers to envision the experience of living and enjoying their lives in this new home. We work with outstanding professional copywriters to connect with buyers on an emotional and aspirational level – if we can move the heart, we can move the head.

Eye-Catching Signboards and Brochures

There’s a reason why physical signboards on the street are still a staple of marketing in real estate. They are an economical, easy and effective way of capturing the attention of local people who may then become prospective buyers. A signboard is like waving a flag for your property, letting people know that it’s available, and giving a quick snapshot of the key selling features to passers-by.

We also produce high quality property brochures and letter box cards that showcase your home in beautiful detail via stunning photographs and descriptive copy. These can be handed out at inspection visits, displayed in our local office window, and dropped through letter boxes to put your home on the radar with the locals. We always include our estate agent contact details so that interested buyers can get in touch with us at Calibre to find out more and arrange a visit.

Unique Pre-Market Preparation & Styling

Intentional property styling has been proven to increase interest from potential buyers, reduce time on the market, and boost final sales prices by 10% on average. It can come down to just a few small changes and it’s well worth the effort. Home styling includes general cleaning, decluttering and de-personalising so that the rooms feel fresh and spacious, and buyers can mentally move themselves in. You may also want to think about rearranging some of the existing furniture, accessories and lighting to show each room at its best, and even hiring a few items to refurnish or redecorate the space. Home styling is about selling an aspirational vision of what your property could be.

At Calibre Real Estate, we work with expert stylists at TheStyledHouse to help our clients with styling and staging. These friendly professionals are on hand to highlight the small things you can do to make a difference to your sale.

To find out what you can do to enhance each area of your home and get the most out of buyer inspections, download our Styling to Sell eBook.

Calibre & Community Brand Magazine

Calibre & Community is our print and digital magazine. This is another powerful avenue for reaching buyers with our property listings, but it’s also a way for us to build and nurture community around our area of passion and expertise. As well as articles about real estate, we feature style, food, fashion and philanthropy.


Sell your home your way, with a tailored solution from the experts.

When it comes to selling your property in North West Brisbane, you really don’t need to look any further. Here at Calibre Real Estate, we have the industry experience, the well-honed marketing tools and techniques, and the proven track record to deliver exceptional outcomes.  On top of that, we take a personalised approach that’s tailored to your needs, circumstances and preferences.

If you’re looking for more exposure, more inspections, and more offers, you’ve come to the right place. Our expert knowledge of the areas we cover, paired with our commitment to our clients, makes us the only partner you need for a fast and successful sale. Contact your local Calibre Real Estate expert to discuss your customised marketing campaign and start your journey today.

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