Welcome to Calibre’s Tenancy Express Check-In

There are 3 easy steps to completing the Tenancy Express Check-In:

  1. 1. Watch the Tenancy Sign Up Presentation below
  2. 2. Read and ensure you understand all documents relating to the tenancy. If you’re unsure give us a call for any clarification (07 3367 3411)
  3. 3. Return the signed General Tenancy Agreement, Form 2 Bond Lodgement and the Acknowledgement of Documents. E-mail the documents to us at rentals@calibrerealestate.com.au

Tenancy Sign Up Presentation


Take advantage of our Utility Connections Concierge – Calibre Connections

Moving into your new home can be challenging, For this reason, we have teamed up with Moving Hub to help you run things smoothly. We have teamed up with Moving Hub to help our clients arrange for electricity, gas and internet connections for your tenancy. Please visit our connections page calibrerealestate.com.au/connect/connections/ to fill in a very quick form and a Movologist will be in touch shortly.