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Calibre is a boutique real estate agency with large-scale results. Our growing network of real estate managers and residential sales consultants service the Brisbane area in Queensland. We understand the Brisbane residential property market better than anyone and make it our priority to keep you informed.

Where To Start?

There are many different reasons why you might be thinking of selling your property, and the journey that lies ahead may feel overwhelming. The good news is that you’re not on your own. At Calibre Real Estate, we know the house selling process inside out.  We can guide you through the different stages of selling, and provide expert tips on how to sell your home for the best possible price. We have a reputation for honesty, transparency and an unmatched personal service, and we’re here to help you make your next move smooth, fast and stress-free. 

To Buy or to Sell First

When it comes to moving house, one of the most common questions people have is whether it’s best to buy first or sell first – or simultaneously. There is no simple answer to this as it will depend on your own financial situation and stage of life, as well as the current market conditions. It’s important to consider the different scenarios and what they would mean for you when selling your home.

Buying First

The Benefits

Less time pressure as you house hunt, so you can take the time to find your ideal next home and avoid over-paying.

You can move straight into your new home when you’re ready, rather than potentially having to find a stop-gap and paying rent for a period of time.

Opportunity to renovate before you move in.

Gives you flexibility when it comes to agreeing on a settlement date with the seller as you don’t need to move in right away.

The Risks

It’s difficult to budget accurately when you don’t know what your house is actually going to sell for.

You could end up paying off the loans on two properties while you’re waiting to sell your own home.

Pressure to sell might mean that you end up accepting a lower offer, especially if supply outweighs demand (a buyer’s market).

If the market slows down, it could take longer than expected to sell, and this could cause problems if you’re relying on bridging finance.

Selling First

The Benefits

You know exactly what your budget is and how much wiggle room there is.

You have the option to use the sale proceeds to buy your new home.

No time pressure to accept an offer if it’s lower than you were expecting.

No risk of being burdened with two mortgages that overlap.

If you sell at a good time, and then prices fall, you could get more for your money on your next property.

The Risks

If your home sells quickly, you may be under pressure to find a new property, and this can lead to over-paying or over-compromising.

If you have to rent somewhere in the interim, this adds to your cost and effectively means moving twice.

If property prices go up after you sell, you may end up getting less for your money on your next purchase.

Prepare Emotionally

At Calibre Real Estate, we’re here to help your house selling process go smoothly, and to support you from start to finish so that it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. However, the process of selling your home requires effort and energy, and is likely to bring up a mixture of emotions.

It’s all very well following the practical steps on your house selling checklist, but if you don’t take the time to prepare emotionally up front, you risk having second thoughts further down the line or being de-railed by the emotional upheaval at the least convenient moment.

Before you crack on, remind yourself of your reasons and motivations for selling, and take stock of your emotions. Only then can you begin to work through the stages of selling your home, and stay on track, without the stress.

Where to Start - Prepare Emotionally
Where to Start - Know Your Local Market

Know Your Local Market

One of the very first steps of selling property, and getting the best price when selling your home, is to understand your local market. Some basic online research, using popular real estate sites such as www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au will give you a good idea of the kinds of properties for sale in your area, and a realistic sense of the value of your home to potential buyers.

This is just a starting point as the market is always fluctuating, and property prices can differ for multiple reasons. For a more in-depth and reliable insight into the current demand in your area, and a reasonable asking price for a property like yours, you should arrange a valuation from a trusted local agent.

At Calibre Real Estate, we have a proven track record of selling properties like yours and pride ourselves on our thorough, up to date understanding of the local market. One of our experts would be happy to visit your home and give you a full and detailed appraisal, with no obligation.

Choose When To Sell

Across Australia, the most popular time for selling property is Spring because of the warm and pleasant weather. Brisbane, though, has the advantage of great weather throughout the year so you don’t need to feel restricted to Spring when selling your home.

Every season offers its own advantages and challenges when selling in Brisbane:

Where to Start - Choose When to Sell


tends to encourage buyers to visit open homes, and often shows properties in their best light. This helps to generate interest and competition. But with many other sellers also opting for Spring, buyers have plenty of choice and you might have to work harder to make your property stand out from the crowd.


can see a lull in property sales as many people go on holiday or take time off with friends and family over the festive season. On the other hand, if you can get your house on the market in the run-up to Christmas you could benefit from those motivated buyers who want to move and settle before the holidays kick in. With fewer properties on the market, you might get more interest and a higher sale price.


is often a very busy time for the property market. Many buyers and sellers want to move before the end of the financial year, and the uninterrupted 12 weeks of Autumn is an appealing time to get it done. As the market thrives, though, this also means fierce competition.


typically slows things down as the weather puts people off – buyers and sellers alike. But the milder climate of Brisbane gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the lull and get your property noticed, with less competition.

Choose How To Sell

There is no one-size-fits-all guide to selling property as every seller and every situation is different. When you’re considering how to sell your house, you need to weigh up the benefits and risks of both a private sale and an auction, and make the decision that’s right for you.

Here are some pointers to help you:

Private Sale allows both the buyer and the seller more time to get informed and make decisions before committing to the purchase, so if you don’t need to sell your property urgently this can be a less stressful way to go.

Auction generates a strong sense of competition and urgency, with bidding between different buyers. It can lead to a very favourable sale price, and delivers fast, same-day results.

For tips on how to sell your house, and expert guidance for your particular situation, it’s best to talk to an experienced agent.

Where to Start - Choose How to Sell
Where to Start - Dont Wait to Declutter

Don’t Wait to Declutter

Sorting, clearing, and decluttering may not be the most glamorous stage of the process when selling a house, but it can have a surprising impact on the look and feel of your home when it comes to marketing. A minimal look, with fewer personal items on display, can make the rooms feel bigger, brighter and cleaner, and makes it easier for buyers to picture themselves living in the house.

The sooner you begin to clear unnecessary clutter and re-organise shelves and surfaces, the sooner you can begin to show off your house at its best – both in marketing photography and when potential buyers come to visit.

This also helps to reduce the work and stress of actually packing up and moving once your house has sold – win, win!

Find a Great Agent

A great real estate agent acts as your expert advisor and personal guide when selling your home. They should have in-depth market insights, extensive marketing experience, and a recent track record of successful property sales in your local area. This is where we come in.

At Calibre Real Estate, we have specialist knowledge of Brisbane’s North West, an unparalleled record of recent sales in the area, and a commitment to getting the best outcomes for our customers.

Contact the team on 07 3367 3411 and let’s start your house selling journey.

Where to Start - Find a Great Agent

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