Gordon Zhang
Gordon Zhang
Office Manager

MY NAME: Gordon Zhang Hong

I AM: The Director of a Finance Lease Company in Shanghai and an Office Manager at Calibre Real Estate

PROUDEST MOMENT: Getting Calibre Real Estate recognised by the Prime Minister, Mr Scott Morrison as Australian Economic Development.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Keeping up to date with the skills and knowledge required to be successful in the Real Estate Industry.

ALARM CLOCK: 6.30 am

PERFECT DAY: I will start the day with a cup of coffee then heading out to play Football. Or maybe just spend the day travelling with my friends.

FIRST JOB: Financial Leasing Director

SUPERHERO POWER: Great with numbers!

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE: Anywhere with my family or friends.

INSPIRATION: My wife and my daughter.

CALIBRE IS: my home in Brisbane!