Justin Hagen
Director / Licensed Real Estate Agent

Justin Hagen is known for his honesty and integrity. Ask anyone who has bought or sold property with Justin’s assistance and they will tell you he’s a straight talker. He is someone who doesn’t build false expectations and is always true to his word.

Justin’s knowledge isn’t just limited to the sales process: he also knows how to present a home for sale. He can offer advice on renovating and suggest how you might make the most of a development opportunity.

Justin is savvy with his marketing and understands the Brisbane residential property market.

It’s his personal qualities and professional skills that see many of Justin’s clients returning time and time again. People respond to his relaxed, warm and professional manner. He is friendly – never pushy, committed to getting results and loves exceeding his clients’ expectations.

MY NAME: Justin Hagen

I AM: optimistic, passionate, outgoing

PROUDEST MOMENT: Getting married to my beautiful wife and the birth of our 4 boys.


PERFECT DAY: spending time with family and friends

FIRST JOB: 14 years old washing dishes at a cafe

SUPER HERO POWER: problem solving

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE: Dorrington Park, Ashgrove

INSPIRATION: Turning my dreams into reality

CALIBRE IS: A rewarding, market leader

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