Kate Howarth
Property Consultant

Since migrating to Queensland from Victoria at an early age, Kate’s loyalty may lie with the Geelong football club, but her heart belongs in Brisbane.
While completing her Business Degree at QUT, Kate’s natural leadership skills, hard work and vibrance led her to quickly take on a series of management roles in hospitality. Following graduation, Kate stepped up into Operations Manager roles in the IT, finance and accounting industries, where she was introduced to the world of finance broking. Kate’s determination and flair for figures helped her to nurture her clients through navigating all things finance and lending, while successfully leading a small team at a boutique firm. It was here she began to develop a deep appreciation for the significance that purchasing property can have in a person’s life.
Having worked and studied non-stop since finishing high school, Kate made the courageous decision to travel the world with her partner in early 2019. Her return to Australia to spend more time with family and pursue her career in early 2020 was extremely well-timed. She now spends her spare time renovating her new home and recreating dishes from her favourite countries. Confident, capable and caring, her dynamic skillset and personal drive mean that she will always go the extra mile to provide an excellent customer experience from beginning to end.

MY NAME: Kate Howarth

I AM: Confident, Energetic and Capable. I like to solve problems and take on new experiences.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Completing the Camino de Santiago – 900kms, 28 days, just myself, my backpack, and a lot of internal dialogue to unpack.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Focusing on being a better version of myself and not a better version of someone else.

ALARM CLOCK: 6.00am, I am not a morning person and I spend the first 30+ minutes of my day trying to wake up.

PERFECT DAY: waking up near a beach, to a beautiful sunny day, going for a walk to a café with my partner, then spending the day at the beach, fish and chips for lunch, afternoon storm- cooking dinner and drinking wine, movie- then bed

FIRST JOB: bartender at a bowls club

SUPERHERO POWER: I would like to somehow have limitless energy and time.

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE: Somewhere with good company, my family or a few close friends can make any place perfect.

INSPIRATION: I am inspired by goal setting and achievement

CALIBRE IS: striving to provide a higher than standard quality of service for customer and clients.

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