Marlene Baker
Licensed Real Estate Agent

Marlene Baker understands that every home owner wants the chance to secure the best price when selling their home. Not only can Marlene help a seller to achieve a premium price, but her high levels of service and attention to detail will make the process as smooth as possible in what can be a stressful time. Marlene personally works closely with the buyers that come through her clients’ homes. By developing strong relationships with those buyers and understanding their needs, she ensures that your property is uppermost in their minds. These strengths and her dedication to assisting her clients to achieve their goals have resulted in Marlene having an enviable track record in terms of prices achieved and low days on market. Together with a broad knowledge of what does and does not appeal to buyers when searching for their new home, having owned, renovated and sold many of her own homes, Marlene can assist clients with simple tips and hints to help them present their homes in the best possible light for sale.

My NAME: Marlene Baker (aka Marls)

I AM: A mum, a wife and a real estate agent. I have a supportive family that allow me to work the long hours needed to be a successful real estate agent and look after my clients.

PROUDEST MOMENT: Having my children and watching them grow up.

BIGGEST CHALLENGE: Helping the kids with homework, the clothes folding and fitting everything I need to into a day. But if you want something done, ask a busy person and they will put it on their list and get it done.

ALARM CLOCK: Usually 5:30am.  My dogs pester me in the morning to go for a walk/run.  They are my exercise motivators.

PERFECT DAY: I wake up to a beautiful blue sky with no clouds. I’m out of the house at 5:30am with the dogs and back to cook the kids and myself breakfast. The kids get off to school without forgetting anything or me yelling at them. I schedule my day and I walk in the door at night to a lovely meal cooked in my new Thermomix from my hubby and relax before reading a book in bed.

FIRST JOB: Fruitologist – Fancy name for a fruit shop checkout operator and yes I can still pick out a good Melon or take the top off a pineapple.

SUPER HERO POWER: The ability to heal. My kids ask me this all the time and it is always my power. My dad passed away from an infection that started in his toe so a healing power would be pretty awesome!

FAVOURITE SPOT IN BRISBANE:  Home. I’m really quite a home body. My brother and sister-in-law are our best friends.

INSPIRATION: Tony Robins is my hero and inspires me. Just his voice is soothing. I love his enthusiasm for life and his out there thinking.  I have been to two of his fire walking seminars/concerts and it’s the best thing you can do.

CALIBRE IS: A company that embraces technology and moves forward with innovating ideas to help the clients.