6 simple ways to enhance your garden


Here’s six simple ways to enhance your garden to catch the eye of buyers or renters.


1. Tidy up

Your outdoors needs at least as much love and attention as your indoors if you want people to fall in love at first sight.

Trim, weed, organise, sweep, rake, potter till your assets are looking their best. Clear paths, remove clutter, tuck away items in sheds.

Pick one area at a time and tick it off your list.

Make sure someone else casts their eye over your work. When you’re in a place for a while you stop noticing things, and there might be cracks filled with overgrowth you just don’t see any more.

Your yard doesn’t need to be glamorous, but people need to feel they can take care of it without much hassle. Show them how it’s done.



2. Add furnishings

Adding some choice outdoor furniture, like tables, chairs, benches and lounges, creates outdoor living space, which boosts entertaining opportunities and usually adds value to a property.

Explore colours and contrast to add vibrancy, especially if you don’t have a lot of flowers or other colour around the yard.

Be mindful of seasonality – do the pieces need to be weatherproof?



3. Grow your own

Adding a vegetable or herb garden is an increasingly popular way to add some practical personality to your property.

A shrewdly placed veggie patch cultivates a cozy sensibility and adds to the environmental cred of your home.

Not to mention the delights (and savings) of cooking meals with the fruits of your own labours.

You can use hard materials to create a stylish planter to house your pickings, or use decorative items like rocks or bark to frame it within a larger garden.



4. Accessorise (with care)

Gardens need accessories too.

A few simple large vases and attractive pots is a quick and affordable way to add class and stand out from the crowd.

Some cushions on an outdoor lounge can bring the space to life.

Creative obejcts can transform an average space into something special.

And you could even hang artwork or place sculptures in the garden – a more interesting take on the perennial water feature.

Take care not to go overboard, and keep your flourishes in line with the overall style and feel of your property.



5. Go native

Australian weather extremes can be unkind to the humble garden.

Work with the elements, not against them, by learning which native plants suit your area and working them into your garden.

Natives create an easy harmony that’s hard to resist, and they’re usually low maintenance – another huge plus for you and any potential buyers or renters.



6. Create privacy

Wide open spaces may be romantic, but most people like a sense of privacy and intimacy when it comes to their home.

Trade the industrial fence and guard dog for strategically planted trees and shrubs that protect against prying eyes where it counts.

Hedges add focused form while creating a boundary, and adding lattice or trellises for ramblers like roses and creepers can create subtle screening.



Keep your options open

Avoid making choices that may alienate potential buyers. Treehouses, highly ornate features or homemade cricket pitches are full of personality, but may turn off people with different tastes.

Whether you’re selling or opening your property for rent, keep garden enhancements simple and broadly appealing to maximise interest.


Article sourced from realestate.com.au by Venessa Paech:


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