When’s The Best Time To Sell My Home?

Planning on putting your home on the market and want to know when is the best time to sell? One of the most common misconceptions people make about selling real estate is that there is a good time to sell and a bad time to sell. At Calibre, we don’t actually believe there is ever a bad time to sell property. It’s simply a matter of ensuring your sales campaign complements the current markets’ seasonal trends. After all, people are still busily buying property 363 days of the year (excluding Christmas Day & Anzac Day).

The main objective is to ensure your campaign is sympathetic to seasonal trends. This can be achieved through simple additional touches in your marketing, the way you present your property at open homes and even the time of day the open homes are held that presents your property in the best possible light.

Imagine it’s middle of summer, a stinking hot day outside and your potential buyers enter into your amazingly cool and refreshingly air conditioned home. Or on a cold, miserable rainy day and you’ve lit the fireplace with the scent of delicious, freshly cooked muffins wafting from the kitchen. These buyers would never want to leave and would want to move in straight away.

You see, the secret is to make all of your buyers feel at home in your space. Somewhere they feel comfortable and welcomed. Somewhere they can see themselves living and become emotionally connected to it. The more buyers who become emotionally connected to your property, the more likely you are to achieve the highest possible sales price.


How To Make Every Season The Best Time To Sell

  1. 1. Summer

    If you have a great outdoor space, summer is an excellent time to put your entertaining area on show. It’s also worthwhile considering giving your garden, if you have one, a good watering an hour or two before inspections. This will brighten up an otherwise hot, dry space. Consider styling your home with bright, summery touches such as bouquets of flowers and colourful prints. Before open homes on hot days, perhaps put out a jug of icy cold water with some glasses and fresh fruit. Also, if you have air conditioning, crank it throughout the house. It’ll make your home feel cool and inviting, your buyers will never want to leave.

  2. 2. Autumn

    After we’ve endured a stint of unbearably hot summer days, most South East Queenslanders welcome Autumn with open arms. Autumn is where we can once again return to spending time outside in the sunshine without burning to a crisp in less than 25 minutes. With this in mind, consider your outdoor spaces that complement the warm, comforting glow of the sun, somewhere that is soothing and inviting for your buyers.

  3. 3. Winter

    Think all things cosy and warm. Crank the fire place, if you’ve got one. Style your home with lots of woolen throw rugs and big soft snuggling pillows and rugs. These textures are very desirable on a cold winters day. When preparing for your open homes, consider baking some muffins and brewing a pot of fresh tea or coffee, inviting your viewers to help themselves.

  4. 4. Spring

    When spring has sprung you can go wild on wonderfully fragrant flowers complemented by bright, bold colour tones.  Your garden typically looks its best in spring so perhaps do whatever you can to really make your buyers enjoy their time viewing your garden. Encourage them to spend some time in the backyard by perhaps placing a jug of iced tea and glasses for them to sit and enjoy the sunshine.

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