Celebrate Christmas With a Difference

Christmas time can be busy and full of hassle. We at Calibre have come up cost and energy conserving, decorative ways to help you celebrate a Thrifty Christmas. So here’s our guide to celebrating Christmas with a difference.

How to Celebrate Christmas with a Difference

  1. 1. Do it yourself

    • There are tons of DIYs for Christmas that you can find online that are easy to do and cost-effective. And if you’ve got kids, DIY’s keep them entertained for hours. This also allows you to have a Thrifty Christmas!

    Some ideas for DIY can be found on Pinterest, another good place is Freckle and Wuff where you can find this DIY for a wreath made from a hanger! You can make letters to Santa, Sign boards for outdoors and other bobbles and decorations for your Christmas tree.

  2. 2. Creative Table Decorations

    A minimalist centerpiece like a jenga mini christmas tree would be great for a simple, eye catching centerpiece that allows you to be interactive with it as well. Being Thrifty and making it by yourself would be great for Thrifty Christmas. Use stuff you could find in your home like leftover wood pieces for an art project or buy some from a thrift store.

  3. 3. Be Thrifty

    • A lot of Thrift shops have some cool old school Christmas decorations that could be reused to complement your home for Christmas.
    • Lifeline Superstores are filled with decorations and home wares that could help you find low cost Christmas aesthetic.
  4. 4. Consider the Environment

    Christmas is a fun time to spend with your family but it is also the time, you spend a good amount of money on gifts, traveling and decorations. This year, rather than celebrating Christmas the same old way, could make a few changes to conserve energy and be nicer to the environment and still have a good time. Consider the following:

    Switch to LED lights

    • Their cost effective and use a lot less energy

    Use fibre optic decorations

    • Just like LED lights, they use way less energy. You can buy them online here

    Use candles

    • Of course, be cautious. But candles are a nice way to start Christmas in your home while conserving energy.

    Reduce the time, your lights are on

    • During Christmas, you use a lot of energy. Due to this, consider reducing the time your Christmas tree lights are on. Similarly, Outdoor lights consume a lot more energy too, this helps to conserve energy.

    Finally, Buy battery-free gifts and decoration

    • You may have spent a lot of money buying batteries in the previous years, due to this reason, this year buy gifts that do not require batteries and consider investing in a battery charger.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the entire Calibre Team!

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