Good looks: the key to a buyer’s heart


Calibre Real Estate has found 10 style secrets for a successful sale, with the help of this post by celebrity interior designer, Shaynna Blaze-Vaughan helps you prepare your home for its open for inspection. Lights, curtains, art! These are just some of the simple ways you can refresh your home.

Secret 1. Paint adds life
As the weather warms up, natural light becomes brighter, highlighting imperfections on your walls. Adding a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to change the look of a room. And if you’re prepared to do the work (invest in good quality paint), it can be cheap too. Golden rule: keep colours neutral (off white is perfect) otherwise you could limit your market potential.

Secret 2. Curtains create drama
Patterns, textures, colours: stunning fabrics create visual impact when they’re made into cushions, throws, divider screens and wall hangings.

Secret 3. Maintain the essentials
What needs to be done around the place? Make a list. Buyers will turn on taps, open cupboard doors and check windows, so make sure they’re all in tip top shape. The little details can make all the difference.

Secret 4. Lighting brings it to life
Subtle lighting creates ambience in an interior scheme. Soften a dark corner with a simple lamp and look at other subtle ways to introduce light such as back lighting a statue or plant. An interesting lamp makes a great room feature.

Secret 5. Declutter your decorations
Spring cleaning is a must when you’re preparing to sell. Buyers have no emotional attachment to your stuff, so if it’s gathering dust and doesn’t add to your interior, pack it away. It’s also a good time to decide what’s necessary and what’s not for your next home.

Secret 6. The art gallery effect
Move your artwork around; it’ll create a whole new feel costing you absolutely zilch!

Secret 7. Say it with flowers
Fresh flowers are a great way of highlighting a room and add a welcome fragrance for open inspections. Coordinate them with cushions and curtains for added impact.

Secret 8. Lay of the lounge
Can you be more space savvy with your furniture? Take out all the pieces in the room then bring them back, one by one. Start with a major piece, like your sofa, then add rugs, lamps and the rest of the furniture. If you like this newfound space, take some pieces to another room.

Secret 9. A little spending can mean a better sale
Big budget areas like the bathroom and kitchen need careful planning. If major appliances and structure are in good condition, consider a ‘freshen up’ with new tiling, taps and accessories. Often simple changes are all it takes to give your room a new lease of life and add value.

Secret 10. Look good from the ground up
Threadbare carpets and traffic patterns on your flooring can be red-alerts to buyers. Rather than replacing flooring throughout the whole house, focus on high traffic areas like entryways, kitchen and lounge. Sometimes a pretty rug will do the trick.

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