Innovative Selling Series Part Four: Pre-Sale Renovation Consultancy

lt-1-1P1479-2022589903The final part in our Innovative Selling Series focuses on pre-sale renovation consultancy. I have personally been involved in small lot subdivisions, renovations and restorations and I understand that each property is different and requires a unique approach. That is why I offer my experience to help clients add value to their property. A freshen up might be all your property needs to sell quickly, for the price you want! A pre-sale revamp, no matter how small, can often attract multiple buyers to your property. Just like property styling, your home needs to be presented in the best possible light otherwise people start discounting the sale price, factoring in the work they need to carry out. However, like I said each property is different and allowing a new owner to add their own touches, providing them a blank canvas with scope to add value may be more rewarding. This is where I can help you determine a course of action when it comes to pre-sale renovation. Whether your home needs small cosmetic touches or a full renovation I am more than willing to donate my time and resources and co-ordinate contractors at the best possible price to carry out any work.

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