10 best indoor plants for the Brisbane climate

Indoor plants are a great way to add ambiance to your home or office while offering air purifying benefits, everybody wins. Many interior designers consider it to be the secret ingredient that has the ability to add that little something extra to a space.

A splash of living greenery is a trendy and effective way to make a room feel inviting and fresh. While knowing low maintenance indoor plants are likely to thrive without direct sunlight can be difficult to know, we’ve made your life that much easier by curating a list of the best low maintenance, indoor plants for the Brisbane climate that are brown thumb friendly.

Essentially, you’re looking for low maintenance indoor plants that are shade-loving, naturally growing in indirect sunlight. So, without further ado:


1. Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata)low maintenance indoor plants

Synonymous for their large glossy leaves, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great way to add a sculptural element to your space.

Light: Place near a window that gets bright filtered light, but keep away from harsh direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.
Water: As they hail from a tropical climate, most experts advise keeping this ficus steadily moist and in a warm room where possible. Be careful not to over water the plant as it can suffer from root rot.

2. Devil’s Ivy (Pothos)

Perfect for those self-proclaimed black thumbs! The devil’s ivy is a leafy, trailing vine that will put up with infrequent watering and neglect. They’re well-known for their air purifying ability. Prune for a fuller plant. Keep out of reach of inquisitive babies, dogs and cats, as this plant is toxic

Light: Devil’s Ivy can tolerate low natural light.
Water: Once a week to dampen the soil.



3. ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)low maintenance indoor plants

The ZZ plant is an exotic, tropical perennial plant from eastern Africa. Slow growing and hard to kill making it an ideal table centre piece or office plant. Keep out of reach of inquisitive babies, dogs and cats, as this plant is toxic

Light: Bright, indirect light

Water: A bit of water every couple of weeks should do.

4. Mother-in-law’s Tounge (Sansevieria trifasciata)

Originally renowned for its daggy 70’s association, the Mother-in-law’s Tongue has enjoyed a massive resurgence as trending indoor plant named for its architectural long leaves. If you manage to kill this plant, stick to the plastic plants.

Light: Forgiving and tolerant to many conditions. Place in full, bright light.

Water: Water sparingly once a month.




5. Peace Lilies (Spathiphyllum)low maintenance indoor plants

The peace lilies are some of the easiest plants to care for. It landed itself in NASA’s top 10 plants for purifying the air.

Light: they like well-lit spaces, generally when in more light they produces white spathes and flowers and bloom less in low light.
Water: Water when the top soil is dry. They can handle a good soaking in the shower for a few minutes if they start to droop.

6. Burgundy or “black prince” Rubber Plant (Ficus elastic)

Named for its dark reddish shiny leather look leaves which grow to about a foot long, it’s versatile in its application as either a table top plant or standing on its own. As the plant matures, you may need to stake the trunk to help him grown upright. This guy likes natural light and consistent temperatures, so keep him away from cold drafts

Light: Brightly lit spot out of direct sunlight

Water: Water when the soil becomes slightly dry to touch, allow sufficient drainage. Don’t give him too much water.


7. Cunjevoi (Alocasia brisbanensis – fittingly)low maintenance indoor plants

Known for the large ‘elephant ear’ shaped leaf, the leaves flow from the centre creating an umbrella shape. Greenish cream flowers bloom in the summer followed by red fruits. Keep out of reach of inquisitive babies, dogs and cats, as this plant is toxic
Light: Brightly lit spot out of direct sunlight

Water: Water when the soil becomes slightly dry to touch, allow sufficient drainage.

8. The Cast Iron plant (Aspidistra Elatior)

Named for its ability to withstand neglect, the Cast Iron plant is an easy-to-care-for foliage plant. Native to Japan and Taiwan, each of the leaves are grown from a stem that can be separated with its roots for growing new plants, one way to impress friends with your horticulture knowledge and expertise.

Light: While they can handle low levels of light, they prefer a bright light out of direct sunlight.

Water: water sparingly once the top inch of the soil become dry. Drought tolerant, so if you forget to water it, he’ll come back to life once he’s watered again.


9. Jade Plant (Crassula Ovata)low maintenance indoor plants

Considered to be a symbol of good luck, this easy to care for succulent is manageable for even the most inconsistent of gardeners.

Light: Jade needs bright sunlight and low humidity and will sunburn if they’re suddenly moved from indirect sunlight to direct sun too quickly.

Water: Water when the top of the soil feels dry to the touch, but don’t let the soil dry out.

10. Madagascar Dragon Tree (Dracena Marginata)

One of the easiest indoor plants to grown and maintain. The slow-growing tree can grow up to 1.8 meters indoors. The trunk has a greyish grown bark that can also produce offshoots so you’ll need to trim it back to stop the tree growing in all directions.
Light: bright conditions with shade is suitable, direct sunlight will damage the leaves.

Watering: Keep the soil moist, water less in the winter.

Improve the livability of your home by adding low maintenance indoor plants, it’s also a great way to impress buyers when you’re selling your home. Want more tips on how Calibre Real Estate can help prepare you and your home for sale? Contact us today.

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