Make the Most of Smaller Spaces During the Festive Season

festive season

Collaborator of a line of Christmas Posters called ‘Super Fun Happy Trees’, Designer Marco Gjergjia shows us how to make the most of smaller spaces during the festive season.

Create Feature Spaces
When space is limited, try focusing on one central living area by making a feature out of a small concentrated space, and stocking it with decorations and gifts. Select a corner or wall of your living space and assemble your decorations and gifts together to create a trove of festive treasure.

Decorate Creatively
When space is limited, maximise your efforts by choosing decorations that pack a lot of punch for their size, making maximum impact with minimal effort. Two dimensional images and posters are wonderful story-telling devices and great space-saving options. Super Fun Happy Trees are fun for the festive season and provide additional space for the pressies as they take up minimal room.

Create Flow between Rooms
Consider decorating throughout the space to create a flow between rooms. You can create an immersive festive space in smaller spaces with clever bauble and decoration placement, carefully ‘scattered’ throughout the living space. This includes decorating hallways and walkways, as well as furniture such as bookshelves and coat nooks.

Entertain Like a Restaurateur
Think of the restaurants you love going to, what elements you like about dining out to help you create a convivial atmosphere. Some of the smallest restaurants are the best because they create an amazing space in which to celebrate.

Small details can make a big impact. Use decorative candles and dim lighting to create a warm and intimate atmosphere throughout the space. Open all doors and windows to make the most of all available space.

A personalised playlist is a must, too! Spotify is a great free app that allows you to create playlists and radio streams based on your favourite songs and can be synced across your devices.

Super Fun Happy Trees are $89 and available from here. Order before 16 December to ensure they are delivered before Christmas.


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