Plants you should grow during Autumn in Brisbane

Gardening can be a fun activity to do with your kids, or even by yourself! It is great for improving the look of your home, increasing your street appeal and beneficial for the environment. The autumn weather in Brisbane (the weather just before winter) can be a great time to try your hand in Gardening. The wet weather accompanied by the sunshine during the day time provides a favorable environment to sow your plants.

Rule of green thumb, is to work on your soil a week before you bring in your new plants. If you’re an experienced gardener, you would be experienced in using seeds, but if you have just decided to give it a go, try using seedlings rather than seeds – these are plants that are in their second/third stages of growth. Nevertheless, here are a few great plants to grow in Brisbane in Autumn. We have also included tips for you to get your garden ready for winter!

Plants you should be growing in Autumn

  1. 1. Herbs

    Try growing plants like dill, garlic, mint and thyme. These herbs are good to grow throughout the year but they flourish during autumn. Find out more about how to grow your herbs in your kitchen here. Herbs can be a great way to add some flavor into your food! Imagine walking around your garden smelling fresh thyme and basil, plucking them out and adding it into your dish. Moreover, these add flavor and leaves your garden smelling fresh! Remember to choose a spot that doesn’t get much sun and use soil that is well manured and well-drained.

  2. 2. Vegetables

    Cooler weathers in Brisbane like autumn in Brisbane is the best time to grow your vegetables. Vegetables like lettuce, tomatoes, radish, eggplant and beetroot are great additions to your garden and thrive during cold weathers. Secondly, having fresh vegetables in your garden is always a bonus! Fruits should not be grown during this weather as they require a different kind of weather and soil all together. Learn more about planting vegetables in Brisbane here.

  3. 3. Flowering Plants

    Autumn time is a chance to bring out all the color in the your garden. Look into planting Pansies, Violas, Carnations and Sweet Pea. They are all-time favorites! Make sure your soil is well manured and tilled to grow plants that look absolutely stunning! Fresh flowers are great during this time, especially with Mother’s Day right around the corner. Pick out some fresh flowers for your mum this mother’s day. Read this article to learn more about gardening with flowers.

If you are getting your garden ready for winter:

  • Trim plants that have become dry over the summer
  • Raise the cutting height of your mover to prepare for the winter
  • If you are growing plants during the winter, remember to add a layer of mulch to protect your plants
  • Thoroughly till and weed the soil to make it as fertile as you can for cold winter weathers

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