3 Brave Brothers Will Do The Greatest Shave Of Their Lives

The three Hagen brothers have agreed to be big brave boys and have each decided they want their to shave their heads and raise funds for The Leukaemia Foundation. They know it’s a big deal to shave their heads but they say they know it’s for a very important cause.

When asked why he decided to be Brave and Shave, biggest brother, Cooper (8) said “I wanted to shave my head for the people who have cancer. Its nice to help people that need help.”

Mum, Alice Hagen, says she believes it’s important for her boys to understand the meaning behind the cause, “the purpose of educating my boys about fundraisers such as The World’s Greatest Shave is to encourage them to feel inspired to help create change and learn to understand the basis of social responsibility.”

To show how proud they are of their boys, parents, Alice & Justin, have committed to donating $250 when their boys reach the $1000 target.


Also shaving alongside The Hagen Brothers will be Calibre Real Estate employee, Sara Huggins… “Shaving my head is a really easy way to hopefully prompt people to donate as much as they can to this great cause.  People say it’s brave to shave your head, but I disagree, I think it’s brave to fight a potentially life-threatening disease.  Those brave people make me feel that shaving my head is really no big deal”

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