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DARK and dim or light and bright? Most would agree that a home that is illuminated with light is far more appealing than one that is dull and gloomy.

For this reason, it’s important to consider the lighting in your home before presenting it for sale.

Like colour, lighting can have a strong effect on human psychology. Those entering your home for the first time will be impacted on an emotional level by the amount of light present.

It’s often advised to turn every light in your home on during inspections, even in the middle of the day, and that does have some merit, however the point is to create a welcoming, happy house, not one that looks brighter than a tree at Christmas and costs you a fortune in electricity.

Contemplate the best areas of your home to light think about which rooms seem cold or uninviting. Generally the main areas of your home including the living space, kitchen and bedrooms should be considered first.

Differing types of light can have varied aesthetic effects and can come from many sources, here are some to consider for your home

Natural daylight enters your home through windows, glass doors or skylights. An abundance of natural light is appealing to the eye and creates a fresh & open atmosphere.

Artificial light from light fixtures such as downlights or lamps can be fantastic to enhance the ambience of your home if it is lacking in natural light.

You should also consider the colour temperature of the bulbs you use in artificial light sources. A cool blue light is best to avoid, instead opt for bulbs that have a warm glow. If your home decor is not quite as new and attractive as you would like it to be, soft and warm artificial light can be more forgiving than harsh blue simulated light. Most energy efficient bulbs are now available with a warm ray.

Accent lighting is specifically for showing off the design elements of your home, and is a fantastic way to highlight any artworks or decor that you want to feature. This can be easily achieved with directional downlights or uplights. 
Lampshades on pendant lights, side lamps or standard lamps are a fun and affordable way to put a stamp on your interior decor as they are easy to update with modern patterns and fabrics. Anyone can change a lampshade, and modern versions are readily available.

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