The New Chandelier: Adventures in Lighting

If you think chandeliers only come in crystal and only belong in grand old homes, then think again.  From a large statement piece to a quirky, minimalist interpretation, we’ve seen a whole new take on this style of pendant lighting.From metal to sticks, mud clay to timber and plastic, you’ll never think of chandeliers the same way again.

Modern take

These days the concept of a chandelier can really take any form. This modern and abstract metal design shows just how any materials assembled together to hang from the ceiling will create a lighting piece with real impact. This style of high impact lighting is really suited to being placed over a large dining table, in a foyer or entry area or on a staircase landing.


White sticks

This white sticks hanging lamp is a modern interpretation of the older style chandeliers that featured candlesticks – either real or fake. The simplicity of this design would look equally good in an all white room or against a dark painted backdrop.

 Mud beads

In the last couple of years mud bead chandeliers have really started to pop up all over the place. From original ones sourced from South Africa, to cheaper interpretations made in China, there are both super expensive and affordable options. They’re definitely a statement piece that will suit both glam and more industrial or pared back settings. Great in bathrooms too.



Designer Loz Abberton has reinvented the chandelier and called it the Grandelier. In a sign of the times, her designs come flat-packed for efficient transporting and are easy to assemble without any tools. And they’re 100 per cent designed and made in Tasmania from future-friendly materials like certified Tasmanian oak or blackwood. It’s the eco-friendly choice.


 Wall decal

And if you really want to keep it cheap and cheerful (and don’t actually need light) how about a wall decal? It just goes to show how much fun you can have with the idea of a chandelier.

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