Urban Utilities: Plant carefully to protect your plumbing

Spring is the perfect time to get into the garden. When planting new trees, follow Urban Utilities tips to protect your pipes and prevent costly plumbing bills.

Tree roots enter pipes though tiny fractures or small gaps in search of water. Once inside they grow, damage pipes and cause blockages.

Property owners own and are responsible for the pipes on their property up to the water meter.

Blocked pipes can not only lead to costly plumbing bills and leaks but can also cause overflows and problems in other parts of the sewerage network.

    1. 1. Plant the right trees well away from pipes.
    1. 2. Talk to your local nursery about what trees to plant and where to plant them.
    1. 3. Check your drains are not obstructed by landscaping, garden beds or pot plants.
    1. 4. Look out for damp spots in your garden possibly caused by trees roots causing cracks in underground water pipes.

For information on how to test for leaks, visit www.urbanutilities.com.au/leaks

Some plants less likely to damage pipes are:

·         Michelia Coc

·         Port Wine Magnolia

·         Grevillea

·         Gardenia

If you think your pipes are blocked with trees roots, we recommend you call a licensed plumber.

For more information, visit www.urbanutilities.com.au/planting. Information from In the Pipeline. October 2012 edition.

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