Why You Need A Real Estate Agent for Your Sale (+ how we can help)

Want to sell your home in Brisbane’s North West? Calibre Real Estate can help

If you are looking to sell your property, you are more than likely considering the services of a real estate agent.

After all, a good agent can prove invaluable.

They know how to effectively market your property, manage inspections and keep track of prospective buyers whilst filtering out non-serious ones.

A really good real estate agent will not only have a broad knowledge of the local market but will also be able to share all sorts of intimate facts about the suburbs they cover, such as:

  • Demographics

  • Average prices

  • Public transport

  • Schools

Then, when it comes down to the crunch, they will use their negotiation skills to help you reach the best price possible.

At Calibre Real Estate, our passion means we churn out results consistently.

Here we break down some of the reasons you should consider using us as your real estate agent.

We know what we’re doing

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Our duty is to help you achieve the highest market value for your property.

From managing market perception, to getting you the price you want, we work hard to get the process right.

How do we do this?

  • Thoughtful marketing

We understand that a property needs to be marketed, not just listed. It is not enough to advertise on a few websites and hope for the best. So that is why we apply a methodology that aims to provide a property with maximum exposure. Drawing on our expert marketing techniques, we run an attraction-based campaign to reach as many potential buyers as possible. The greater the exposure your property has, the more buyers your property will attract. This in turn gives you the best opportunity at securing the highest price.

  • Understanding buyers

Trends tell us that buyers’ interest piques within the first 3 weeks of a sale. This tells us that we need to use this window of time very wisely. After all, no matter how good a marketing campaign may be, it needs to be launched at the right time in order to work most effectively. We appreciate that sellers are paying for maximum reach and so it is important that we focus on attracting intense buyer attention whilst it is at its highest.

A combination of marketing wisdom and insight into buyer behaviour provide the base of our sales process.

We use this knowledge along with our experience to capitlise on a sale, ensuring no stone is left unturned from the beginning to the end of the process.

Skilled negotiators

Negotiating is one of the key aspects of any real estate transaction.

In fact, it is often the most skilled real estate negotiator who walks away with the best deal.

We are confident that our team of agents have mastered the art of negotiation and they are committed to getting the most for their clients.

Between us, we have thousands of hours experience in facilitating deals and are persistent in our pursuit to secure the best market value on a property.

What’s more? We’re dedicated to always working closely with the client. Our negotiators will not do anything to compromise your sale and will always keep you fully informed at every stage.

Market leaders 

We are market leaders across Brisbane’s North West.

This is in part thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the suburbs we cover, including Paddington, Red Hill & Bardon.

What does this mean for you?

Well, our insight into property trends north of the river mean we are well placed to navigate the market here and provide you with the best opportunity to sell.

The team here at Calibre are continuing to grow and are only too happy to keep providing clients with the highest levels of real estate know-how.

We get results

Our claim is that we know what to do and we do it very well. 

The results we have achieved clearly support that claim.

Over the last 6 months alone we have:

  • Sold 60 properties. That’s over 10 a month, or nearly 3 a week!

Behind those numbers are the relationships we have forged with our clients.  

We are always grateful to be chosen to assist people in their real estate journey and it makes it even more rewarding when we hear how thrilled they are that they chose us.

What some of them they say:

“Without doubt one of the most professional Real Estate Agents I have had the pleasure of dealing with”

“Calibre Real Estate go above and beyond! Thankyou!!”

“A great team to work with! The property had previously been on the market for 90 days with another agent”

We are proud of the reviews we receive, and we work hard to build and maintain strong relationships with everyone we work with.

Our tried and tested processes coupled with our marketing expertise see that we consistently deliver for our clients from the beginning to the very end of a property transaction.

Get in touch

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