5 Tips To Host Christmas In Your Small Space

Just because your home may be a little on the smaller side, it doesn’t mean that you can’t entertain this Christmas. It just means that you may need to be a little more creative as to how to comfortably accommodate all of your guests. Christmas is a time to eat, drink & be merry. So, as long as your guests can still do that, you’re ticking all of the important boxes for a great Chrissie-do.

Your small space shouldn’t put you off entertaining. With a little bit of creative thinking and festive flair, you’ll be impressing your guests until reindeer’s come home. Here they are, my tips to successfully hosting Christmas in your small space.

5 Tips for Hosting Christmas in Your Small Space

  1. 1. Move Your Furniture Around

    Just because your furniture is currently positioned in a certain way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. I’d recommend taking into consideration what furniture is crucial when accommodating all of your guests. Any excess furniture could be stored in the garage or somewhere out of site. This will really open up each room and will free up a lot more space for your guests.

  2. 2. Declutter

    When entertaining in your small space, less is more. Consider clearing some shelves of your personal items such as books & knick-knacks and transforming them into a drinks table or a spot to place some of your platters. This way, you are freeing up space on the dining table as you’re going to need every last available inch there. When it comes to table decorations, less is more. Something simple yet effective is all you need as once again, table space is an absolute necessity.

  3. 3. Make Use Of All Areas

    Think outside of the square. I’d recommend making all the spaces your friends are welcome to use as inviting as possible. This way, you’re spreading out the crowds and ensuring that everyone isn’t going to cram into one small room but rather spread themselves evenly throughout your entire home. This way, they’re not rubbing shoulders with each other all night and will be much more comfortable.

  4. 4. Be Selective of Your Menu 

    If you’re planning a sit-down dinner, then perhaps consider serving all of your condiments on a decorative tiered platter in the centre of the table. Try to steer clear of placing all of the food in the centre of the dining table, you will quickly run out of room. Perhaps transform your kitchen into a servery and invite your guests to plate up there.

  5. 5. Borrow or Hire

  6. As you are entertaining for the masses, it might be worthwhile considering hiring (or borrowing) such items as glassware, crockery and/or cutlery. Another clever trick I quite like is to hire a cocktail/punch drink dispenser. This one is always a hot favourite and will take up less space and will make life a lot easier for you as your guests can self serve to ensure their glass is always full.

These 5 tips should help your host Christmas In Your Small Space. If you’d like some more ideas about styling your place, check out our other articles:

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