Quick Tenancy Turnaround
Quick Tenancy Turnaround
Quick Tenancy Turnaround choose a mortgage broker

Insider Advice to a Quick Tenancy Turnaround

What can you do to ensure a quick tenancy turnaround time on your property? As property investors, we want to ensure that our property is leased efficiently and for the highest possible return. Good tenants are a precious commodity they pay their rent on time, they look after your property and they stick around for a long period of time. But as their situations change, even good tenants (unfortunately) have to move on. There are three key things you can do in order to give your property the best fighting chance of securing premium return.

Insider Advice – 3 Key tips to ensuring a quick tenancy turnaround time.

1. Professional Photography
This is a must! Showcasing your property in the best possible light will assisting in to achieving top dollar. Professional photos will result in your listing getting more attention and a quicker tenancy turnaround time. This will give you a huge competitive advantage. In a market of increased stock, property owners are finding making their home stand out absolutely paramount!

2.Online Marketing
Become a featured property on sites such as realestate.com.au & domain.com. By doing so, you are ensuring your property remains at the top of the page for your suburb. This will ensure you sit above all standard listings & gets maximum exposure to potential new tenants.

Placing a “For Lease” at your property allows potential tenants instant access through to dedicated mobile rentals website by the use of SMS technology.

“These steps are all inclusive in the management service provided by Calibre as we believe the marketing step in the leasing process is paramount to achieving the best possible outcome”

Business Development Manager Tenancy TurnaroundQuote provided by one of Calibre Real Estate’s Business Development Manager –
Lucy Jones
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If you have a property in Brisbane that you would like to consider engaging in a new property management team for, please feel free to contact the friendly team at Calibre Real Estate (07) 3367 3411. Otherwise, we hope you have enjoyed this insider advice to a quick tenancy turnaround.

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