How Much Should I Pay For Quality Real Estate Marketing?

There’s a bare minimum that all vendors need to spend in order to maximise the sale price of their home. Ultimately, investing in quality real estate marketing will attract the highest number of ‘qualified’ buyers to your property in the shortest time period in order to get the highest possible price.

There are certain essential items that are the must-haves of real estate advertising in order to qualify buyers and not end up with a houseful of tyre-kickers at your opens. Justin Hagen, Licensed Estate Agent at Calibre Real Estate shares with us, in his professional opinion, how much you can expect to pay for quality real estate marketing.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay For Quality Real Estate Marketing?

  1. Professional images approx. $150 – $350

    The cost of your professional images can vary depending on a few different factors. These could be factors such as how many photographs you require, whether you have drone footage captured and the location of your property.

  2. A Detailed Floor plan approx. $150

    These days, it’s rare for a property on the market to not have a floor plan included. Floor plans are a great way to give potential buyers an insight into the layout, dimensions and aspects of your property. Some professional photographers include the floor plan as a bundled package so this could save you some money.

  3. Professional copy writing approx. $0 – $350

    Some agencies may not charge you for their copy writing because your sales script is written by their own in-house professionals. Other agencies may outsource the copy writing and pass the fee onto you, the vendor.

  4. Property Signage approx. $100 – $350

    The price of your signboard will depend on the type of sign you choose. You could have a generic agency “For Sale” signboard or a detailed photo signboard specifically produced just for your property. Some properties may not be allowed to display a signboard. These are typically if your property is under the bi-laws of a body corporate.

  5. Brochures & Letterbox dropping approx. $0 – $450

    The cost of your brochures will vary depending on quantity and quality. You could either have them professionally printed on fancy card or your agent may just printing them in house. Letterbox dropping to other properties in your area is also a great way to notify your local area of your sale.

  6. Online Real Estate Sales Portals approx. $440 – $3000+

    Online sales portals are sites such as and can cost anywhere between $440 – $3000+ depending on the type of advertising package you choose and the location of your property. Figures from Roy Morgan Research revealed that “over 3.5m Australians accessed via website or app in an average four weeks in the six months to December 2014. During the same period, 1.7m accessed Domain.

  7. A article comparing the two portals says that “The majority of real estate agents list properties for sale on both sites, unless the vendor only books a budget marketing package, in which case that property may only feature on one site. If you are selling a property, the best bet is to advertise on both sites. and Domain undoubtedly both offer a high level of exposure to buyers. They could mean the difference between getting a good price for your property and getting a great price.”On top of that, your agent might recommend some newspaper advertising. The reasoning behind newspaper ads is to attract buyers that may not necessarily be searching in your suburb. These can cost anywhere from $100 and can go into the thousands.


Typically, the more you are willing to invest in your marketing campaign, the more you are widening your potential reach for qualified buyers. A bigger reach typically means more buyers and a shorter time on market with a premium sales price.

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