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Seven Ways For Landlords To Be Tax-Smart

It’s that time of the year again! You should be preparing to lodge your tax return. This means gathering your paperwork and checking the residential rental properties area of …

Best Landlord Insurance

Want to know what landlord insurance you should get? Here we compare

Brisbane Landlord’s guide during the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the government banning tenant evictions on COVID-19 affected rental arrears tenancies up to the 29 September 2020, how can landlords juggle the cashflow of their investment property during these unprecedented times? We understand …
Tenancy Vacancy Periods
Tenancy Vacancy Periods
tenancy vacancy periods

The Cost of Tenancy Vacancy Periods and How To Avoid Them

It’s safe to say that when you own an investment property, rental income is your bread and butter. Prolonged tenancy vacancy periods hurt your bottom dollar. So, when your tenants do decide it’s time to move on, what are you …
screen potential tenants
Screen Potential Tenants
screen potential tenants

How to Screen Potential Tenants

When potential tenants submit their tenancy applications on a property, ensuring all of the required paperwork is completed properly is imperative. Good property management agencies will have refined procedures in place to ensure that they find quality tenants for their landlords. …
Rental arrears
Rental Arrears
Rental Arrears

Rental Arrears : Property Management Secrets to keeping your tenants up to date.

When a tenant is in rental arrears, it can be rather costly for the landlord. Particularly, if the appropriate rental arrears procedures are not followed by the property manager. A good Property Manager will ensure all tenants sign a …
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