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The Best Way To Save Money During Renovations And Maximise Profit

Renovating and upgrading your house before placing it on the market is always a good idea. However, spending too much on renovations can hurt your return on investment. It’s called over-capitalising, and it means you’ve spent more …

Key Tips For Selling In A Strong Market

The demand for property is currently far higher than the supply which is heavily skewing the market towards sellers. This is supported by a stable economy and solid jobs market as well as historically low-interest rates that appear …

Should I sell or rent out my first home?

When you’re ready to leave the first home you’ve owned, you may have the option to either sell or rent it out – which one is right for you?

Costs When Selling Your Brisbane Property

If you’re looking to sell your Brisbane home, Calibre Real Estate offer an insight into the costs you need to know about When selling your home, it is important you are aware of the potential …
make an offer on a house
make an offer on a house

How To Make An Offer On A House – 7 Steps To Success

Are you in the market to purchase real estate? Perhaps you’ve found the perfect property to buy and you’re busy trying to figure out where to go to from here? There are a few boxes you need to ensure you …
inner northern suburbs
inner northern suburbs
inner northern suburbs

HOT PROPERTY : Top 5 Inner Northern Suburbs in Brissie Right Now!!

In this article, Brisbane’s Inner Northern Suburbs property specialist, Marlene Baker, reveals for us her Top Tips for the 5 Hottest Suburbs to buy in the Brisbane Inner North right now. Marlene is one of Calibre’s top real estate …
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