Why Is My Water Bill So High? And How To Fix It.

Want to know why your water bill is so high? You could have a water leakage in need of fixing! Did you know? A dripping tap can waste between 30 and 200 litres of water per day and a leaking toilet can waste 60,000 litres of water per year!

Enduring a drought and massive water restrictions in the past has taught us the absolute importance of saving every drop, particularly considering some rural farms & regional properties are still enduring the full brunt of water supply issues. While we may no longer have a 140 litre per person usage restriction, it’s still vital that we are conscious of our usage.

To help you discover whether you do have a leakage problem in your home, we’ve consulted our expert in all things plumbing, Ash from Ashley’s Maintenance Services, for three top tips on how to spot if you have a water leakage…

1. How To Know If My Toilet Is Leaking

Open the lid of the top tank of your toilet and drop some water colouring in there. If the coloured water drips into toilet bowl then you officially have a toilet leak and need to call a plumber in to fix it.

2. Are My Taps Dripping?

Check each tap and make sure they are securely fastened and no water is dripping out of them. If you’re confident in doing a bit of DIY, change your washers or give you plumber a buzz and leave it to the experts.

Also, make sure there’s no excess moisture around the valve from your Hot Water System. It’s normal for the valve to occasionally drip but if you suspect it might be dripping too much, pop a bucket underneath it. If you fill the bucket in one day – call in your plumber to get it fix.

3. What’s My Meter Reading?

At night, before you go to bed, go to your water meter and take note of its reading. The next morning, read your meter again. If the numbers on the reading have gone up, then something has been leaking over night and you’ll need to call in a plumber.


Quote provided by Ash from Ashley’s Maintenance Services
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For further tips on how you can save money by watching every drop of water you use in your home, visit the Brisbane City Council’s Water Smart Homes webpage.

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