buyer demographics
buyer demographics
buyer demographics

Know Your Buyer : The 7 Profiles of Property Buyer Demographics

Amy Simpson

Do you know who is most likely to buy your property? Identifying target buyer demographics is imperative. By understanding exactly what ticks their boxes, you can ensure your property appeals and caters exactly for their needs. This is key to the success of the sale of your place, if you want to achieve top dollar that is. And, who doesn’t want to achieve top dollar?!

To help you discover who is most likely to buy your home, we have profiled 7 members of the Calibre team, each with varying needs & requirements when purchasing property. This will give you an insight into the different types of buyer demographics currently evident in today’s property market. Once you have mapped out who is the most likely buyer demographic to purchase your property, you can ensure your renovation, styling and presentation is tailored directly to appeal to your target buyer.

The 7 Property Buyer Demographics :

  1. Buyer demographics

    1. The First Home Buyer

    After renting property for over 7 years now, Calibre’s Interior Designer, Brayley Taylor is finally ready to take the plunge into property ownership. Now in her mid twenties, Brayley decided to put off investing for a little while so that she could see the world. Having now travelled all over Europe, the US & Canada, she’s ready to lay down the foundations in her very own Brisbane home with her adorable dog, Tigger. We asked Brayley to share with us what her priorities are when buying her very first home.

    Top 3 Property Attributes for A First Home Buyer

    1. 1.Affordability
    2. 2.Option to rent out a room or generate additional income i.e. AirBnB
    3. 3.Good Capital Growth & Potential to Value Add
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    2. The Younger Family (with kids aged under 10 years)

    Meet our resident blogger, Amy Simpson. Amy and her husband, Tom, have two young children (2 & 4 years). Because of the age of their kids, they spend a lot of time at home. Amy has the children at home with her during most weekdays. On the weekends, they usually find themselves spending their leisure time at home in the garden or entertaining friends. Tom and Amy plan to renovate their Queenslander home within the next 2-3 years. When asked what was at the top of their priority list for the renovation, Amy revealed …

    Top 3 Property Attributes for a Young Family

    1. 1.A great backyard & outdoor space where the kids can run and play.
    2. 2.A lovely, relaxing leafy outlook to enjoy a peaceful Saturday afternoon drink.
    3. 3.Room to grow. Our kids won’t be 2 & 4 forever. We’d prefer somewhere our family could grow with the house.


  3. buyer demographics buyer demographics3. The Older Family (with kids aged 10+ years)

    Calibre Real Estate’s Sales Guru, Marlene Baker, and her husband Jeremy, fits the bracket of the older family with their three kids aged between 10 – 13 years. When buying a new home for her family, Marlene revealed these top three buying attributes :

    Top 3 Property Attributes for an Older Family (kids aged 10+ years)

    1. 1.Location. Within walking distance to most amenities and in a good high school catchment area.
    2. 2.A Low-Maintenance New Build Townhouse in a gated community.
    3. 3.Value for money with great use of space both internally & externally.


  4. Buyer demographics

    4. The Professional Couples

    Kathleen Gillard , her boyfriend Rob and their dog Ralph bought their property in Ipswich over three years ago. They know their current property isn’t their dream home, it’s just a stepping stone on the ladder towards building their property investment portfolio. As a Senior Property Manager, Kathleen has a thorough understanding of the importance of making a solid investment ahead of an emotional purchase. With this in mind, here are Kathleen & Rob’s top three property attributes when buying.

    Top 3 Property Attributes for a Young, Professional Couple

    1. 1.Significant Capital Growth Potential
    2. 2.Affordability.
    3. 3.Location
  5. Buyer demographics

    5. The Astute Investors

    Calibre’s Principal, Alice Hagen bought her first property together with Top Calibre Sales Agent and now husband Justin Hagen when she was 24 years old. Since then, the couple have collectively bought ten properties and renovated eight of them. It’s fair to say that Alice & Justin well and truly have their finger on the pulse when it comes to all things real estate, particularly in South East Queensland. Alice has kindly revealed to us what their top three buying attributes are that have transformed our favourite power couple into Calibre’s Astute Investors.

     Top 3 Property Attributes for The Astute Investor

    1. 1.Great Return On Investment
    2. 2.Good Capital Growth
    3. 3.Potential to Value Add


  6. buyer demographics

    6.Gen X & Baby Boomer Single Income Earners

    Property Management Administrator, Sara Huggins, currently lives with just her and her cat, Jed. But as with most single income earners of her generation, her daughter Grace practically lives there too. The life of a mum never stops even when your child is their early twenties. So, finding a home that suits Sara’s lifestyle whilst is also a welcoming second home for Grace is important to our resident Supermum Sara.

    Top 3 Property Attributes for Gen X & Baby Boomer Single Income Earners

    1. 1.Low Maintenance
    2. 2.Affordability
    3. 3.Convenient Location.
  7. buyer demographics7. Retirees & Empty Nesters

    Kim Ross works casually at Calibre assisting the Property Management team whenever required. Now an empty nester with husband, Martin, Kim is a semi retired property manager who enjoys working at Calibre to keep her busy. When asked what was important when buying property, Kim revealed to us :

Top 3 Property Attributes for Empty Nesters

  1. 1.Private & Quiet
  2. 2.Low maintenance so they can travel for long periods
  3. 3.Somewhere for the family to stay


Marlene Baker, knows exactly how important it is to identify your target buyer. “When setting your home up for sale, it’s important to think carefully about who is most likely to buy your home.  We don’t promote a pokey two bedroom apartment to big families as we know it will attract the wrong type of buyers.” says Marlene.

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