How to Cut Costs When Renovating

How to Cut Costs When Renovating

Renovating your home can be on a big spectrum from small cosmetic tweaks to major changes to your home as a whole. Whether it be in the interest of increasing the sale price of your home or it’s time to just refresh and update your home there is many things to consider and be cautious of before, during and after the renovation process.

We have developed a small list of things that we believe have a large impact in assisting you on saving time and money when renovating.

  1. 1. Pay Professionals

Now, you may be thinking ‘aren’t you telling me how to SAVE money’ and yes that is exactly right. It is vital to invest your money into getting a trustworthy trades person to do you plumbing, electrical work and carpentry so it is done properly, and you don’t need to spend money down the track fixing issues. A rule of thumb is to source recommendations and from there get a minimum of 3 quotes per job to compare time and cost of each.

  1. 2. Switching materials

Is it absolutely vital to have the granite bench tops?? Or could you settle for finding a comparable dupe that gives the same effect however at a fraction of the price? When renovating these days it is very easy to get caught up in trends, but it is also easy to find more cost effective materials that provide the same aesthetic and look you are wanting.

  1. 3. Refurbish, Reuse, Mix and Match 

Where possible it is a great money saver to refurbish old furniture or fixtures that were already in the house – whether it be a fresh coat of paint or completely changing the use of the item. Mixing and matching is another great way to save money, plus it brings character into your home. This is easy by picking up items from thrift shops, cheaper outlets and adding in one or two more expensive items to finish off the look.

  1. 4. Don’t move the plumbing 

A massive cost saver is keeping the plumbing and fixtures where the are. Changing where these are will only add time and money onto your renovation process.

  1. 5. Research!

Researching the best times to purchase large furniture items and household items will save you a lot of money. Yes this may delay the addition of some areas however, if you plan well enough in advance and for the money you are saving it won’t have too much effect.

Every once in a while, you may want to spritz up your home. But renovating can be a time-intensive and expensive process. Here are four renovating mistakes you can avoid.

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