How to Make your Home Cosy this Winter

Winter temperatures in Brisbane are suspected to go as low as 9 degrees (Celsius). If you’re scrambling to make your home cosy and warm this winter, look no further! We’ve made a simple-to-follow guide for you to check out! We’ve included simple adjustments you could make to warm and cosy your home:

How to Make your Home Cosy this Winter

  1. 1. All About Rugs

Rugs are best used during winter! Don’t be afraid to layer them on. Using them near you bed is great since it’s the first thing you feet touch during the cold mornings. Cotton rugs are known to be long-lasting and low maintenance. Since they are easy to dye and easy to buy, you can choose a variety of patterns and color to suit the aesthetic of your home. If you can find any, use jute rugs as a base and layer on your soft rug on top of it.

If you would like more information on placement of rugs, check out this article.

Rugs are a great way to warm and cosy up your home! And when it’s summer, they’re easy to remove!

  1. 2. Change your sheets

Crisp cotton sheets are best used during summer. This is because they keep you cool and don’t absorb much heat. You should consider switching this to sheets made from bamboo. They retain heat and keep you warm on those harsh winter nights. Add a throw blanket or quilt on the foot of the bed, this should be over the quilt that covers your bed. This is for those cold nights where you need an extra layer of comfort!

  1. 3. Textures

Try using elements of different textures in your living room. Use soft, velvet throw pillows on your couch. Add a rustic, rough-textured coffee table to add to the winter-aesthetic. If you need more space, consider using two ottomans that are made of rope, instead of a coffee table. Throw some small and soft rugs on the couch for everyone to use when it chilly! Besides texture, use colors that are warm. Some trending colors are dark green, earthy brown and gold – which isn’t a warm color, but goes well with earthy tones.

  1. 4. Be Eclectic

You can use elements and furniture of different patterns and designs. You can use bedroom pillows that have intricate patterns on them or a study table that is white with a bright yellow light shinning on it. Try using elements of different designs, since this would create an eclectic style. But remember to keep something consistent. For example, if you want to have the predominant color in your home to be warm orange, keep this consistent with at least eighty-percent with the elements you add into your home, while still having an eclectic style!

Go forth and cosy up your home!

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